interior_design_mug-resized-600Every profession has it’s own special language and Interior Design, Architecture and Construction are no different.

This is the last week I will be giving you definitions for words beginning with different letters of the alphabet.  I hope you have enjoyed this collection of definitions.  If you missed any you can find them in previous blogs on the right side of page.

Here are some definitions beginning with the letters “W”.

A wainscot or wainscoting is when a lower portion of a wall is covered in a different material such as wood or tile.  It usually only goes up 3ft – 4 ft from the floor but sometimes goes higher as in Craftsman architecture and decorating.  Wood paneling on the lower portion of a wall is very common in traditional design.  Wainscoting has a piece of molding to finish off the top edge. (A.F. F. above means above finished floor)



In Interior Design and sewing welting refers to the raised piece of fabric covered cording that is used in a seam.  For upholstery it is commonly used to hide the point where fabric is stapled or nailed to a frame and it is also used as a decorative element on pillows and seams.  Sometimes it is contrasting and sometimes it is of the primary fabric.  Double welts are also common.



When wood is whitewashed it has a thin layer of diluted white (or off white) paint applied and then it is wiped off leaving the white residue in the grain of the wood.  It is sometimes called pickling also.  Whitewashed furniture has an aged antiqued look to it.