interior_design_mug-resized-600Every profession has it’s own special language and Interior Design, Architecture and Construction are no different.

Each week I will be giving you definitions for different letters of the alphabet and will continue through the alphabet until we are done with all the letters.

Here are some definitions beginning with the letter “T”



Tambour refers to thin flexible wood, metal or synthetic strips which have been applied to a flexible backing so that it can go around curves such as a roll top desk or kitchen appliance garage.  It rolls up into the structure and out of the way.



 Tansus are Japanese style storage cabinets.  They come in many sizes from small to go on a countertop up to full wall sized.  One of the most decorative ones is the stepped tansu shown above in red.



A tartan is a special plaid design that is associated with specific Scottish tribes.  Each tribe wore it’s own pattern to distinguish it and the fabric was made of wool to keep them warm in the harsh climate.  Today there are many plaids that are not associated with the original designs but some traditional tartan patterns like “Black watch” (upper left illustration) are still popular.

Tear Sheet


A tear sheet is a common word in the Interior Design field and it refers to a copy or printed sheet about a product with the specification information about size, finish and pricing as well as a photo of the item.  Today tear sheets are usually photocopies but the were originally “torn”  out of catalogs, hence the name “tear” sheet.

 Three way switch


Three way switches have wires going in three directions to operate electrical switches in two different locations. They are used when you want to turn a light on or off in two different places, such as at the entrance and exit of a room.