interior_design_mug-resized-600Every profession has it’s own special language and Interior Design, Architecture and Construction are no different.

Each week I will be giving you definitions for different words of the alphabet and will continue through the alphabet until we are done with all the letters.

Here are more definitions of words beginning with T.

Tongue and Groove

Tongue and groove joinery is strong because it has a groove on one side of the board and a “tongue” or projection on the other side which fit together the full length of the boards.  This is how flooring is typically made so that row after row fits together easily and tightly.  It is also used in furniture and cabinet making at times.



The origin of many Interior Design words is French and this one means torch.  Today that is expanded to mean any floor light fixture which gives off indirect light aimed at the ceiling. You can’t see the bulb but the shade may be translucent so light comes out the sides.  Tall floor candelabras are also called torchieres.



Transom windows are those windows directly above a doorway.  I remember the ones from elementary school that opened for ventilation. Sometimes the term is also used to describe  a horizontal piece of wood that sits above a doorway.


Stair treads are the horizontal part where your foot goes as opposed to the riser which is directly underneath the tread.  The size of treads and risers and their relationship is dictated by building codes so that they will fit a normal person’s stride.  Have you ever wondered why most stairs all feel the same?  If the tread is too deep or too shallow or the rise too high or too short the stairs are difficult to manage and may lead to accidents.