interior_design_mug-resized-600Every profession has it’s own special language and Interior Design, Architecture and Construction are no different.

Each week I will be giving you definitions for different letters of the alphabet and will continue through the alphabet until we are done with all the letters.

Here are some more definitions beginning with the letter “R”.



 A reveal is most commonly referred to in interior design as a recessed space where two edges meet, as in just below a countertop or a recessed box pleat (that is revealed as it opens).  It is a way of transitioning from one part to the other in a decorative way. It is the visual gap between two surfaces, however it is a finished gap.



 A rheostat is actually a dimmer switch with variable controls.  Today most are sliding or toggling switches.

Rococco or Rococo


Rococco stying is elaborate and intricate with its abundant use of ornamentation.  This style is not common today except in very traditional European antique styling.  It uses fluid organic and nature inspired  designs and overlays often in gilt or ormolu finishes.



 Rosettes are found everywhere in design today.  Any round floral or circular motif decoration is referred to as a rosette and they are seen in ceiling medallions for light fixtures, corners where door and window casings come together, floor drains, appliqués, etc.

Rough Opening


 A rough opening refers to the space allowed for the insertion of an object such as a door, window, cabinet, etc.  It is the space before it is trimmed out and is slightly larger than what is going into it to allow for ease of installation.  On construction plans it is often noted as R.O.

Running Bond


 A running bond pattern is used in brick work and tile work and is very typical for both.  The joints for each row alternate with the second row joint usually placed in the center of the brick or tile above it.  The entire project is installed with the same joint pattern.

Next week I will give you the definitions of words beginning with “S”