Every profession has it’s own special language and Interior Design, Architecture and Construction are no different.

Each week I will be giving you definitions for different letters of the alphabet and will continue through the alphabet until we are done with all the letters.

Here are the final definitions of words beginning with the letter “P”



A portico is really just a porch but is generally quite grand with columns and defines the entrance to a building.  Porticos are common in Classical architecture and may be at several different entrances to a building as pictured above.  They differ from a Porte Cochere in that they do not extend over the driveway.



Powder Coating is a way of applying a finished layer of paint to a metal object. It is very durable and can be used outdoors as well as indoors. The paint is actually a very fine powder and is electronically charged and then sprayed onto the object being painted where it evenly adheres and creates a very durable finish coat.   It is available in many colors and metallic finishes.



 Pre-tension and post-tension concrete are processes used in the construction of large areas of concrete that are subject to tensile stress in order to make the structure much more strong.  Commercial structures like parking garages are a perfect example of places where they are used.  Of course “pre” refers to the steel within the concrete being stressed before the structure is built and “post” refers to it being done on site during the construction process. In pre-tension concrete the concrete panels are assembled in a factory and transported to the site.



I’m not quite sure where the term “Punch list” came from but it brings to mind that you’d like to punch someone until they finish the job!  It is actually just a “to do” list near the end of a construction project where the general contractor usually goes through a list provided by the project manager/ and or the homeowner of items that still need attention. There may need to be some paint touch up or small trim  items to be completed and this list lets the contractor know what needs to be finished so the owner can take possession of the property. It is often gone through with both parties at a “walk-through” meeting.

Next week I will give you the definitions of words beginning with “R”