Have you seen all the beautiful Apron Front (aka Farmhouse) sinks available today?

2_sinks-resized-6001.  This kitchen above goes all the way with TWO farm house or apron front sinks.  If you have room, this is a wonderful application.  Via



2.  This over sized single bowl apron front sink is the way a lot of my clients are choosing to go these days.  My favorite material is fireclay, which is a clay that has a glaze over it and heated to about 1800 degrees.  The resulting sink is very dense, durable and nonporous. Fireclay sinks are easy to clean and very difficult to scratch or crack.  This one could be by Rhol or another maufacturer. Source unknown.

kohler_apron_front_sink_retrofit-resized-6003.  Kohler makes this Whitehaven retrofit apron front sink that fits perfectly in the space originally occupied by the false panel in front of the sink.  It is a 9″ deep cast iron sink and comes in many colors.  It comes in 30 and 35 inch widths.  Via

Kohler_Cursive_apron_front_sink-resized-6004. Kohler also makes decorative front sinks in traditional and contemporary styles like this one named “Cursive”. Via

farmhouse-michaelabrams.com-sink_by_Herbeau_Luberon-resized-6005.  Herbeau Luberon makes this wonderful fireclay sink in a more architectural and simple panel design.  Via

soapstone_counter_&_sink-resized-6006.  Other materials are used for apron front sinks too, including this custom sink made from slabs of soapstone.  This one also had drainage grooves carved into it. These sinks work well in either country style or contemporary kitchens. Via

farmhouse_of_stone-buckminstergreen.com_-_carved-resized-6007.  This looks like it might be soapstone too but it has been personalized with a saying engraved on the apron.  The Italian saying translates to ” Even if it is not true, it is well conceived”.  Of course, you could engrave your own favorite saying.  What a great way to personalize your kitchen!  Source unknown

copper_-_designmoe.com-_by_masterpiece-resized-6008.  Here is a beautiful copper double bowl apron front sink.  Copper comes in 14 gauge (thicker) and 18 gauge thicknesses and is known for it’s antimicrobial properties.  It patina’s with use and is ever changing in color and character.   Via

ss_cabinets_-_traditional_home-resized-6009.  Stainless farm house sinks are also very popular, especially for contemporary or loft style kitchens.  This sink is molded right into the stainless steel counter top  for easy maintenance with no seams.  source unknown.

mila_international_apron_front_sink-resized-60010. Isn’t this a graceful shaped apron front sink?  The gentle curve of the face softens the coolness of the stainless steel.  It adds a subtle design detail to a simple kitchen.  Via

If you are remodeling or build new, you might consider one of these sinks.  They cost around $1000 and up but will last a long time and get constant use and they will beautify your new kitchen.