Are you ready for the Academy Awards?  It’s a fun time to gather friends around the TV or in a media room to watch the event unfold.


1.  Who are you rooting for?  There are many good films and actors this year – it will be fun to see who wins!

oscar_bingo-resized-6002.  A great thing to do is create an Oscar Bingo game and see who wins at the end of the evening.  You can give a prize to the winner.  They are easy to make on the computer and print out for the number of guest you have coming.  It should keep everyone animated as the evening goes on.  Via

oscar_ballots-resized-6003.  If you are looking for more creative activities for your guests, why not have them vote for their favorites in an official ballot box?  Via

oscar_centerpiece-resized-6004.  To decorate the table you can make cut out Oscars that will surely set the mood.  Via


5.  And if you are feeling ambitious – make some Oscar cookies for each category. Via

oscar_popcorn-resized-6006.  Of course popcorn is appropriate for during the program but bump it up a level and make beautiful individual popcorn boxes for your guests.  I’m sure you will want some special libations too so make them pretty. Via


7.  If you can find some nice Oscar statues to give to your guests as souvenirs, that would be great. Make eveyone a winner. It’s time to party so let the show begin!