Our dogs are precious members of the family so why not get them into the holiday spirit too.  They make adorable photos so here are some just for fun.

dogs_-_love_chirstmas_-facebook-resized-6001.  I know you couldn’t afford a tree this year, but this is going a little too far, don’t you think?

allwomenstalk-resized-6002.  Why, yes, I do know I’m beautiful – I’m just showing off my coy look!

theenchantedhome.blogspot.com-Christmas_hat-resized-6003.  I can outdo the last dog – I have my own special fashion statement to make.  I’m unique and I know it.

thenchantedhome.blogspot.com_-_dog-resized-6004.  OK, I’m all dressed up – where is the party?

dream_catchers_on_facebook-resized-6005.  Did someone say party – can we come too?

2012-12-22_1110-resized-6006.  It wasn’t me – must have been the cat!

2012-12-10_0945-resized-6007.  Nope, it wasn’t me either.  This must be some new kind of dog trap.

2012-12-19_1419_-_skates-resized-6008.  Hurry up – I’m ready to go skating!  What’s taking you so long?

2012-12-10_0942-resized-6009.  Double trouble – don’t ask!

2012-12-20_1818-resized-60010.  Come on – you know the old saying, two is better than one!

2012-12-10_0943-resized-60011. I beg your pardon – one is as adorable as it gets!

2012-12-16_1541-resized-60012.  All you get for Christmas is me – I ate all the candy and I’m really sleepy now.

puppies-resized-60013.  You think you are tired – we spent all day decorating and we’re all worn out!

2012-12-19_1417-resized-60014.  Me too, the Christmas shopping did me in – time for a nap!

2012-12-17_1713-resized-60015.   I said “don’t mess with me – I’ve got this under control!”  And don’t laugh, either.

2012-12-21_1311-resized-60016.  I thought the expression was “Puss in Boots -not,  Doggie in Boots”

puppy with oversized Santa hat17.  Don’t think about it -Just have a Merry Christmas!