Some days I’d just like to go climb into a treehouse and block out the rest of the World and read.  Anyone else feel that way?

Here are some amazing treehouses I wanted to share with you.  They are not like the ones our fathers and brothers used to build!


2012-10-06_2004-resized-6001.  This contemporary treehouse has lots of windows and looks like a perfect getaway.  It even has electricity and a circular staircase.


2.  This treehouse looks like a perfect full scale guest house with the added bonus of a deck and it’s own hammock below it. Get your party on!

2012-10-27_2222-resized-6003.  This fancy white treehouse sports columns and a deck with railing all around it.  It also has a very artistic support system on a huge tree base.  I guess the stairs are on the back side.

2012-11-04_0918-resized-6004.  How about a treehouse in the middle of the jungle?  This one sits right in the middle of a giant tree.  The views must be amazing and you could share them with the monkeys!  The stairs look a little unstable, however.

dream__catchers_facebook-resized-6005.  Is that a “for sale” sign on this treehouse?  It sort of reminds me of a condo complex with different units on each level.  I wonder what the price is?  Photo via Facebook from Dream Catchers

2012-10-05_1312-resized-6006.  Look at this adorable treehouse perched up there shutters and all. It has a nice deck with a BBQ even.  No need to ever go to the “big” house.

tree_house_playhouse-resized-6007.  This treehouse is equally charming and not so high up in the air.  It’s actually built around the trees instead of in the trees.  Don’t miss the trunk going right though the house inside the entry.


8.  I have to admit this one is my favorite.  It’s plenty big enough to be a primary residence and has really sturdy stairs!  This one is nestled inside the tree trunks too. Photo via Room With a View on Facebook

without_the_house-resized-6009.  If done right you don’t even need the house – just the bed and a lamp on swings – how fun is that?

relax_-_slice_of_life_facebook-resized-60010.  OK – I’m all packed to go for a quiet afternoon.  How about you?  Photo via Slice of Life on Facebook.