Designing a child’s room is a challenge. There is no other room in the house that has more clutter than a kid’s room.   They have so much stuff, starting out from the time they are infants all the way through school, and keeping it organized is a problem!20_tray_folding_rolling_storage_from_Wayfair-resized-600

1.  I love this idea of a rolling cubbie that closes so all the things are accessible but out of site when you are done with them.

blond_bed_with_drawers_&_shelves_from_Wayfair-resized-6002.  Don’t forget that hidden storage below the bed.  It’s a great place for added storage in a small room.

bed_&_desk-resized-6003.  If you are short on space, elevate that bed and put the desk underneath it!  This also creates a nice space for dresser drawers.

books_aboave_bed-resized-6004.  Storing books up at ceiling height also saves space and the ladder make it easy to get to the books when needed.  Notice that there are built in drawers below this bed as well as cupboards and drawers on each end.

crafts_room-resized-6005.  Plenty of cubbie storage is essential in the play/work area of a child’s room.  They are much more likely to keep things put away if there is an easily accessible place for everything.

desk-resized-6006.  Tucking a desk into a small corner works great for homework. Be sure to allow enough room for a laptop and power and an internet connection readily available.

lego_walls-resized-6007.  Legos are huge these days so why not put it on the wall instead of all over the floor?

revolving_bookcse_at_pbteen-resized-6008.  A revolving bookcase tucked in a corner can hold a lot of books in a small amount of space.

wakkoaoer_in_closet-resized-6009.  Don’t forget to install double (or triple when they are very young) hanging rods in the closet and you can even stick a dresser inside the closet for folded items.

No more excuses – get the kids’ room more organized!!