If you love to entertain and want to kick it up a notch try some great table settings.  An Interior Designer secret is to just takes some imagination and creative use of materials to set a stunning table.moss_&_bark-resized-6001.  A little use of moss, bark and a blossom transform this table into a fairyland dinner party.  You might have to buy the bark to go on the charger from a floral supply store but it is the crowning glory!

leaf_napkin_holder-resized-6002.  For this green themed table they used green carnations around the plate and wrapped the napkins in leaves.  It has such a fresh and inviting feeling to it.

mason_jar_&_lemons-resized-6003.  A table centerpiece can be as simple as this lemon and tulip arrangement in a mason jar – it doesn’t get much simpler than that.

branches_&_birds-resized-6004.  Here is another nature inspired table setting I love.  The birds perched on the branches animate the table and take it to a new level.

crystals-resized-6005.  Grouping a lot of similar items is all you need to create a centerpiece.  These crystals are interesting by themselves but I would have added a little greenery or some silver items around the bottom for contrast and to tie it all together.  Or you could place them all on a mirror to add some more sparkle.

blue_&_white-resized-6006.  Picking a color scheme is a good way to decorate the table.  This collection of blue and white vases with assorted white flowers is just right to balance the informality of the table itself with the formality of the dinner ware.  The varying sizes and shapes add extra interest too.


7.  Here is another color themed setting and they have used a rough stone bowl filled with  baby tears as the centerpiece.  Any moss or small leaved groundcover would work. It’s simple but effective.

orchids_and_leaves-resized-6008.  You can never go wrong with a bowl of orchids on the table.  They have punctuated the white dishes with large green leaves and you could use whatever type you have in your garden to do the same thing.  Just be sure to wash and dry them thoroughly.

veggies-resized-6009.  A tray or basket of veggies also makes a fabulous center piece for the table.  Of course this one is edible too!

Use whatever is available and let you imagination guide you to create fabulous table setting.