Have you struggled with how to make your home look like the ones in the magazines?  Adding a few architectural details can make a lot of difference and here are a few examples.



These walls have some molding applied to create panels.  It is simple to do and elevates the room to a much higher status without breaking the bank or doing major demolition and construction.



The corbels that are added at these doorways add just the right amount of decoration and finish out the arch detail.  This would require a little framing and sheetrock work in a straight opening but really ups the design factor.



False beams added to this ceiling take a rather boring room to something much more warm and interesting.




Painting your moldings and crown a contrasting color can wake up a bland space too.  This hallway is long and narrow but because they  painted the crown molding and added the decorative molding at the light fixtures the hallway is anything but boring!




Several staggered layers of sheetrock give this ceiling some pizzaz and keep a contemporary feeling to the room.



This bedroom already had some architectural detailing but the bolds wide stripes accentuate the high ceiling so they are noticed.



These fake mirrored French Doors have been “planted” on the wall and trimmed like regular doors.  They have a huge impact in the hallway and reflect light making the passage more inviting and exciting.



Paneling is back in libraries and media rooms.  The paneled arched doorway makes a grand statement before you enter the room.  Although curved wood is expensive, this installation makes the entrance to the room spectacular.



This pictures shows both a round or porthole window and a paneled ceiling. Both are designed to add detailing and warmth to the room.

Well, the last three pictures would probably require hiring a professional but they would be worth it for the finished results.