1.  Interior Designers know that window treatments are the finishing touches that pull the whole room together and complete the look. They are the jewelery for the room! Look at the detailing – these tie backs even have jewel beads on them to catch the light.


2.  Edge banding with a strong color can unify the room and punctuate a neutral window treatment.

custom_shaped_valance-resized-6003.  This beautiful shaped and detailed cornice board is finished off with tassels for the final touch – the perfect accent!

button_detail_jennifer_brouwer-resized-6004.  Box pleats and button details by designer Jennifer Brower are a nicely tailored detail.

colored_sheers-resized-6005.  Sometimes just sheer panels are the right touch and don’t forget they come in colors – not just white and off white.

horizontal_stripes-resized-6006.  If your room needs some high contrast you could go for these bold broad stripes.  These drapes are a simple tab top so as not to be taken too seriously.


7.  On the other hand, if you need a focal point and have very high ceilings, these window coverings could work.  There is a decorative grill work topped with swags that are anchored with decorative fabric covered panels.  The overall effect is dramatic and fills the huge space above the small window.

smocked-resized-6008.  The smocked top at these curved top windows is an unexpected soft surprise.

wrong_height-resized-6009.  ……..and finally, here is an example of the WRONG WAY to install drapery panels!  These should have gone all the way to the top of the upper windows instead of cutting them off at this low height!