Today’s windows are beautiful and many clients don’t want to cover them at all.  Even with beautiful windows and fabulous views,  sometimes window coverings are needed for privacy, heat and glare control or simply to beautify the room.

2_single_rods-resized-6001.  Here is a beautiful example of how the single drapery panels are used to frame the view and soften the edges of the window.  The rods are short and don’t go all the way across the window, keeping the impact of the rod to a minimum and letting the view shine through.


2012-09-04_0959-resized-6002.  This example is the exact opposite with a three layer fully dressed window.  It looks like there is a neighbor visible directly through the window so the Roman shades can be lowered for privacy and the rest of the time the entire window treatment serves as a beautiful accent for the room.  source unknown

black_shutters-resized-6003.  Shutters provide the flexibility with the ability to open them fully or adjust the louvers or close them completely.  I love the fact that these are painted black and create some texture and balance the black of the island in the foreground. source unknown

cellular_shades_-_studiominteriorsinc-resized-6004.  Cellular shades have been around a long time but they still work very well in most homes.  Using them at the tub as top down bottom up shades is a most effective way to have privacy when you need it without giving up natural light from the upper part of the window.  When you are dressed and no need for the privacy the shades can be completely open.  Since it’s difficult to have to reach over the tub to change the positions, most clients prefer remote controlled shades; either with battery operated controls or hard wired and controlled by their smart phone or tablet.  source unknown

cornice_2-resized-6005.  Although cornice boards are usually installed over draperies, it’s not absolutely necessary.  If that look is too heavy or you are limited on space try just using a decorative cornice like this to complete the room decoration.  If privacy or sun protection is needed, you could install cellular shades underneath the cornice and only use them when needed.  source unknown

drapes_under_soffitt_-_Fava_Design_Group-resized-6006.  If you are looking for a clean contemporary look but still need some softness in the room why not install sheer draperies under a valance?  It provides what’s needed but keeps the room light and airy.  source unknown

grass_shades_on_doors-resized-6007.  Woven grass shades are very popular with my clients.  They add a natural element and filtered light.  They can be lined for privacy and a room darkening roller shade can be installed behind the grass if desired.  source unknown

panel_tracks_2-resized-6008.  One of the newer options available is the panel track system.  These work well in contemporary rooms and are similar to exploded vanes of the dreaded vertical blinds (which all designer hate).  These work very well for sliding doors and can be used under drapery panels on the sides, which may hide them completely. There are a lot of fabrics available and the stack nicely in a relatively small amount of space.  source unknown

No matter what your window covering needs, it’s always a good idea to consult with an Interior Designer or Window Covering specialist.  They know what options would best suit your circumstances and budget and can be sure you get the right size and proper installation.  Window coverings can be very tricky!