1. Decorating with fresh flowers this time of year is easy because there are so many beautiful ones available.  If you are lucky enough to have them in your own yard, all the better!

2.  You can arrange them as a casual bunch of all the same flowers or a switch it up with a variety of blossoms. 

3.  For more formal arrangements you can add other items to your structured floral arrangement like branches, seed pods, etc.  Some foliage cascading down one side is always a nice look too.

4. Try floating large blossoms in a low dish filled with water for a refreshing flower arrangement. 

5.  Bud vases and other small containers like these wine glasses are the perfect way to display single blooms like roses and tulips and they can be displayed at individual place settings or in a group on a shelf (always group in uneven numbers) as a decorative accent. 

6.  Have you tried putting fruit or rocks in the bottom of your vase for more interest?  It’s a favorite trick of Interior Designers and Florists.


7.  Using unique containers for your flower arrangements is fun and eye catching too.  You can use pitchers, cans, boxes and even teacups – just look around the house for something different as a container. 


8.  Here is a beautiful table centerpiece that uses vegetables as well as flowers – be creative! 



 Your local Farmer’s Market has a large variety of potted and cut flowers for sale so splurge and buy some every week to keep your home fresh! 




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