Do you need more space for a guest room or more rooms for the kids? If you don’t have an extra guest room, here are some clever ideas that might help.

2.  Or have you looked at that space under the stairs and didn’t know what to do with it?  Here you go – found space for a bed!  You can use it for extra seating when needed too.

 1.  A space under the window that’s just large enough for a beautiful bed and built in bookcases might be the solution to your problems.

3.  If the bay window space isn’t enough, how about creating a curtained alcove for the bed to match?   It serves double duty as a sofa and bed.

5.  Here’s another built in bed with book cases, cupboards and drawers.  This is very efficient use of space.

4.  Haven’t got a niche?  You can create one with a built in on the window side of the room.  Your guests will all admire your interior deisgn skills.


6.  An attic niche makes a charming and romantic bedroom.

7.  And speaking of  romantic bedrooms – how about draping one to remind you of the glamor of the Casbah!


8.  Who wouldn’t like to sleep in this niche? It’s just like sleeping outdoors but more comfortable and with a TV! 




Does that give you some creative ideas for bedrooms?  I hope so!  Please add comments and pictures of your solutions below.