It’s spring and the weather is improving and people are getting in the mood to remodel!  Remodeling a kitchen is one of the most popular rooms to work on and one that can bring back the largest return on investment.

marble_and_rustic_stools-resized-6001.  This sleek modern kitchen is an example of a very popular design style right now.  Very plain cabinetry is accented with beautiful Calacatta Gold marble and simplistic but stunning hanging fixtures.  You don’t have to be afraid of marble counters if you use honed marble, seal it well and you are comfortable with a little aging patina over time.  Acid is the enemy of marble but with care and a realistic expectation it can be beautiful in a kitchen. Via

open_shelves_only_-_fivedotdesignbuild-resized-6002.  Here is another contemporary kitchen which showcases the new trend for open shelving in a kitchen.  I suggest you consider if you have enough closed storage before you take the leap to open shelving but it does make a nice looking and airy kitchen.  Just remember that open shelves will gather dust so they require more maintenance.  Via

ceiling_beams_curves_-_John_Phifer_Marrs-resized-6003.  Don’t overlook architectural detailing in your kitchen remodel either. Who wouldn’t love a barrel vaulted ceiling and the fabulous curved beams?  The backsplash here is also making a large scale graphic statement and the room is large enough to handle it. Via

Copy (3) of custom carved limestone hood-resized-6004.  This beautiful hand carved limestone hood I designed, hand carved by Oleg Lobykin of Stonesculpt,  makes a stunning focal point in the kitchen.  It’s amazingly crisp in the details and definitely one of a kind!  Kitchen hoods are often the focal point of a room and deserve special attention.  Via

BHG.com_-_interesting_cabinet_door-resized-6005.  Since cabinet doors are a dominant feature in any kitchen it’s nice to consider something unique like this door style.  It might be overwhelming to do an entire kitchen with this look but in a small focal area it’s perfect.  Notice the more traditional style open shelves in this picture too.  Source unknown

microwave_in_pantry_BH&G-resized-6006.  If you haven’t got enough space in the main kitchen you could use this idea and install an outlet for the microwave inside a pantry cupboard.  You can place it at just the right height and it’s out of sight too.  Remember to leave space around it for venting. Via

2_ovens-resized-6007.  Speaking of appliances, this hard working island hosts two under counter ovens side by side.  That allows for more counter space on the perimeter of the kitchen and provides a handy landing area on top of the ovens.  I also love the way the stone wall is carried right through and becomes the kitchen backsplash.  I’m guessing there is a more easily cleaned surface behind the stove.  Via

bow_window_-_Home_Bunch_blog-resized-6008.  Last but not least is this kitchen with the very popular “farmhouse” or “apron front” sink.  Many of my clients are opting for single bowl sinks today in either the under counter model or the apron front ones like this.  They are available in stainless steel and copper as well as porcelain.  Some have elaborate details and designs and some are very plain and clean lined, which is suitable for more modern designs.  This kitchen also has a beautiful bow window behind the sink which provides more counter space and keeps splashes off the windows.  The fact that the windows go all the way down to the counter allows more light into the room and the plate racks add a nice traditional touch.  Via

Kitchens are very complex to design, but these few ideas may inspire you.