First impressions are lasting impressions and you only get one chance to make a first impression. 

Crespi_Hicks_estate_-_Dallas-resized-6001.  This foyer of the Crespi-Hicks estate in Dallas sets the expectations for a grand formal home. The beautiful marble floors, graceful stairs with the carved skirt and intricate railing lets you know immediately that this is an expensive and impressive home.  Go ahead force me – I could live here!

chatelaine-resized-6002.  Although this foyer also has marble floors, the black walls and doors emit a much more masculine and dramatic feeling.  The mixture of modern and antique furnishings along with a peak of red wallpaper hint that this home has lots of personality and will be an interesting place to explore.  Via

bench-resized-6003.  This foyer creates the exact opposite effect from the two previous ones.  It is not elegant or expensive looking but is very eclectic and inviting with the use of natural wood, simple metal railing and contemporary art.  Via

elledecor.com_-_cab,-resized-6004.  Here is another eclectic foyer.  Did you notice the ram’s head in the picture grouping?  The ceiling is also interesting with the painted gray planks and white beams.  This homeowner has expressed their own personality with things they love and it works.  Via

archerbuchanan.com_-__painted_checkerboard-resized-6005.  What a lovely large foyer.  If you don’t want an area rug you could use this idea of painting large squares on the floor which is just enough to give it some interest but doesn’t take on too much importance and detract from the other furnishings.  Via

floor_mirror_phot_by_angus_fergusson-resized-6006.  If your foyer isn’t large and bright try installing a large floor mirror like this, which effectively visually expands the space.  This little reception area is lovely and not expensive.  Photo by Angus Fergusson

2012-10-11_2144-resized-6007.  Trees and plants can also make a foyer feel welcoming.  I’m not quite sure how they water this Japanese maple in it’s burlap wrap but you could use a small tray under it.  Perhaps it’s just there temporarily but it does add interest to this simple foyer.  Just remember that trees and plants add interest and a welcoming ambiance to a space.  source unknown

2013-02-08_1326-resized-6008.  The casual aire of this antique entry table sets the perfect balance between serious and casual.  By adding the chair and casually placing miscellaneous items on it your guests will feel immediately a part of the family and everyday life.  Via