Have you heard the expression “floating” furniture in a room and didn’t really know what it meant?

bookcases-resized-6001.  “floating” furniture really only means that the furniture is not backed up to the wall and there is aisle space around it.  The seagrass or sisal rug here is perfectly defining the space and anchoring the funiture.

4_chairs_and_bamboo_table-resized-6002.  Four chairs arranged around a table in the center of the room is a very cozy and inviting floating arrangment which invites conversation.

cream_classic_rustic_(Tuscan)-resized-6003.  Two sofas facing each other and floating in the room is a classic space plan for large rooms.  Two sofas also are often used to flank a fireplace.

desk-resized-6004.  This room even floats a desk in the furniture arrangment.  The person working at the desk can watch TV and be somewhat included in coversation too.  I wish this rug had been a little larger so all the furniture could sit on it fully.

navy_chairs_-_txconstruct-resized-6005.  Sometimes backing a floating sofa with a table or chest is a good idea.  It adds interest and a surface and/or storage in the middle of the room.  It also can help fill the space if the room is very large so it doesn’t feel empty with just the upholstered pieces.  Some furniture is designed to look good from the back and a lot is just very plain and expected to go against a wall.

Susie_Johnson_Interior_Design-resized-6006.  Interestingly this room arrangement places two floating sofas facing each other in front of the fireplace in a classic arrangement but then goes further by adding two floating chairs just outside the conversation area and past the aisle walkway.  There is seating for 6 in the sofa and 2 wooden chair arrangement but the two upholstered chairs can be pulled forward for a larger group.  Because the upholstered chairs are so much more bulky than the other more formal furniture they are better pulled to the side. This is an unusual space plan but meets the clients’ needs.

homedit.com_2_coffee_tables-resized-6007.  This beautiful contemporary room is composed of only chairs and a long bench for seating but they are anchored by a rug which fits under all the furniture.

luxury-resized-6008.  As a general rule at least the fornt legs of all the furniture should be on the rug.  This example of floating furniture shows the chairs fully on the rug and the front of the sofa on the rug.  This works fine for most rooms but where the furniture floats and is seen from behind and the side like this, I prefer to have all the the funiture fully on the rug.