No matter what your hobbies are — you probably need a place to work and a place to store your supplies.

closetandstorageconcepts-resized-6001.  An organized space makes it so much easier to find things when you need them and keeps the clutter out of site.  A display place for finished project is also something to plan for. Via

milleniumcabinetry-resized-6002.  Custom cabinetry allows you to configure your room for your own needs exactly.  You can build in cubbies for different colored papers, small drawers for scissors, pens and pencils, tools, etc, and plenty of organization behind closed doors too.  You will need a place to store projects that are still works in process as well as finished projects.  Via

ellengrassoinc-resized-6003.  A central work table is very convenient, if you have enough space, and great lighting is essential.  This room has cork board for displaying finished art projects too.  If more than one person will use the room at a time, be sure they have enough work area and storage for their projects.  Via

clever-resized-6004.  This work space illustrates some clever inexpensive solutions – pegboard, magnetic cans,  screw top jars under shelves, a hanger for tape and all the little stuff neatly collected in a box.I love that they even had a hook nearby for a work apron and other items that can be hung up.  Source unknown

bystephannnnnielynn.com_-_ruler-resized-6005.  If you use a ruler or yardstick in your projects you can mount a metal one on the edge of the table or on the top like in the picture above.  Notice in this picture that they used a many compartmented lazy susan on the table top for all the little things you like to keep handy, and peg board on the nearby wall.  Via

kootation.com_-_stamps-resized-6006.  If you create jewelery or have stamp projects, a storage system like this with boxes for small parts are very useful.  The drawers can be pulled out and taken to the work table as needed. Source Unknown  And, if you do not have room for a center work island or table, you could build one like this  peninsula coming out from a wall of built-ins.  Via


8.  If you don’t have room for a full scale craft room, get to work and make a super organized free standing armoire.  When it’s closed it just looks like a piece of furniture but when it’s open you have full access to all it’s treasures.  This would work really well for all my knitting supplies and projects in progress!  Via

Enjoy your organized craft room, whether it’s the kids or the kid in you!