Every member of the family spends a lot of time in the bathroom each day.  Don’t overlook how important it is to have a beautiful bathroom to start or end each day!

bath_with_wallpaper_and_dark_vanity_Jennifer_Brower-resized-6001.  This bathroom designed by Jennifer Brower shows off dark wood cabinets and elegant reflective wallpaper.  I wouldn’t mind getting ready here in the morning.

broken edge slab-resized-6002.  I designed this bathroom with a broken edge slab on the back wall that is backlit to highlight the edges.  The frameless shower shows off the rest of the beautiful Daino Real marble.


3.  What an elegant statement is made by putting the tub in the middle of the room and surrounding it with an pool that goes right through the wall to the outside!  The view continues right on to the Ocean.  It’s like living in a tree house and being a part of nature.

copper_Debbie_Snider-resized-6004. This gorgeous glass bowl is a work of art and centerpiece for the bathroom.  The round cabinet base and rich colored walls add to the the drama of this very special bathroom.

cream_colored_master_bath-resized-6005.  Here is another tub in the center of a large bathroom.  Look at that gorgeous circular shower with columns and the soft lighting in the coved ceiling.

exotic_rug1-resized-6006.  Have you thought of putting a fabulous rug in your bathroom?  As you can see it will make a lot of difference!

french_bathroom-resized-6007.  If your style is French add some furniture that reflects it like this vanity.  The wallpaper and polished tub add to the romance.

infinity_tub-resized-6008.  For the ultimate bathroom, add an infinity tub with colored lights, candlelight and a shimmering blue glass tile shower!