Planning a new bathroom?  Here are some basics to keep in mind for a successful project.

bathroom_style1-resized-6001.  This beautiful bathroom incorporates a very practical feature by using a non slip floor.  The tub is also at an easy to enter height but I would opt for one that doesn’t stick up so much so it’s easier to get in and out of.

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2.  Start with a good set of plans; then select your finishes.  Be sure you have allowed 30-36 inches for the toilet space and at least 36″ for the sink or vanity.  Standard tubs are about 28″-32″ wide if they are not set in a deck.  If you will be building the tub in, allow at least 6 extra inches one each side and remember you will need to allow for a place to mount the faucet and spout.  Don’t put more than about 8″ at the front of the deck because then you have to scoot too far to enter the tub. Showers should be at least 36″ square but 42″ square is much more comfortable.  It’s amazing how much that little extra does.  Photo courtesy of

If you are remodeling, remember you don’t always have to stick with exactly the same configuration you already have.

bathroom_with_glass_backsplash-resized-6003.  Do not try to fit two sinks into a counter that is less than 6 or 6 1/2 feet long!  If your space is smaller than that settle for one fabulous sink and plenty of counter space.  Otherwise you will be crowding each other and your counter will look cramped.

full_ht_antique_mirrors-resized-6004.  If your sink area is small you can get a much lighter and more open look with a pedestal sink, as long as you also have some storage for the toilet paper, towels, and other necessities nearby

Butler Armsden Architects-resized-6005.  When you undermount your sinks it is easy to clean up and water will not get trapped behind the lip of a top mount sink.  Cantilevering them off the wall like this also makes it easier to clean the floor and makes the room feel more open.  For good support of a large vanity you may need to put a tall toe kick at the back 1/3 of vanity to support the whole thing but it will still look like it’s floating.  Photo courtesy of Butler Armsden Architects

canteliever-resized-6006.  Porcelain sinks that are integral with the counter are becoming very popular today.  They make maintenance a snap and have a cool European look.

bath_with_tropical_feel-resized-6007.  Steps in a bathroom can be a safety hazard and I do not recommend them.  I prefer a tub like the one shown where you sit on the edge to get it and would never design a shower or tub with steps like in this picture.  Remember your feet are wet and you can easily slip when you get in and out.

exotic_rug1-resized-6008.  Lighting is very important in bathrooms.  The best light for makeup and shaving is evenly spaced on each side of your head, as in the photo.  Be sure there is at least the equivalent of 100 watts in each fixture (more is better).  Many fixtures look wonderful but do not provide enough light at the vanity.  It the bathroom is large you may also want, or need, a waterproof light in the shower and over the tub and some overall room lighting.