The family room or great room is the second most used room in the house after the kitchen.  It is where the family gathers to visit, read, watch TV, play games, eat (hopefully only snacks) and work on hobbies and projects.

Here are some wonderful family rooms to inspire your interior design juices.

cork_board-resized-6001.  I love the use of a cork board to display the children’s art work.  It’s easy to update and the whole family can enjoy the masterpieces.

chalk_boafrd_wall-resized-6002.  Here is another example of including the children and their interests into the family room.  Chalk board paint is inexpensive and a great outlet for kids.

coffee_table_trunk-resized-6003.  It’s important to have a place to store the kids’ things when you want to straighten up the room.  Here a trunk serves double duty as a coffee table.

trunk_by_Tammy_Connor-resized-6004.  This paneled family room has an over sized trunk.  I’ve never seen one that large but it is a great addition to the room. It also has two storage ottoman stools for extra seating.  There would be no problem storing things out of site in this room.

copy of swivel_tv_in_cabinet-resized-6005.  Building the TV into wall to wall cabinets cabinets provides storage too.  This one goes a step farther by housing a TV that swivels around to be out of site or to be seen from the game table too.

copy of hidden_tv_in_cabinet-resized-6006.  Here is a picture of the cabinet when the TV is swiveled to the back and now it serves as a bookcase.

kids_table_coffee_table-resized-6007.  This child’s table and chair not only works for the kids but serves as a coffee table as well!

Happing decorating!