Kid’s rooms are often overlooked as a place for good interior design, but they are a great place to use your creativity and have fun expressing the child’s interests and personality.  When they are really small it is your personality that gets to play but either way these rooms are a perfect place to use your imagination.


1.  What little girl wouldn’t love this bedroom?  – It’s a full sized doll house.

bunk_condo-resized-6002.  Here is a creative condo bed arrangement for either boys or girls.

car_bed-resized-6003.  Those future race car drivers will appreciate this bed!

carriage_crib-resized-6004.  A fantasy carriage crib would be perfect for your new baby.  I picture a pampered princess here!

indoor_playhouse_with_roll_of_art_paper-resized-6005.  Here is playhouse with it’s own drawing table inside. They can have a tea party or play games there or if they want to play house you can just pull out the table and add some floor pillows for furniture and let their imaginations take over.

canopy_headboards-resized-6006.  If you have twin girls, this Victorian style decor treats them like Royalty right from day one.  These cribs look large enough to be converted to twin beds.

Of course you will need to find a place for all the clutter that comes with kids too and I will show pictures of some good ways to do that in another blog soon.