My guest blogger today is Maria Jefferies with some tips on dining room design.

3 Tips to a Streamlined Dining Room Design



For many people, the need for a neat, clean and well-organized dining room is huge. If you frequently invite friends over for dinner, it is important to keep your dining room in its best condition. Here are some streamlined dining room design tips to help you create a more beautiful dining room for your family.

1. Know Your Style

Everyone has a different taste when it comes to art. If you want to impress your guests with your dining room style, make sure it is a unique style that represents your artistic taste. Some people prefer traditional designs, while others are more inclined towards simplistic or  contemporary ones.


2. Proper Arrangement

You first need to be aware of the space of your home. Whether your home has an open, curved, closed, or straight space will affect the way you arrange your furniture and appliances. For the dining room, you need to arrange the table, chairs, lamps, cupboard and other furniture in a way that they complement one another.


3. The Use of Color

The color of the walls, the furniture and also the lighting could have an impact on the overall impression of your dining room. Even after you have sketched out your dining room design, you still need to pick the right color if you want your dining room to stand out. You need to make sure the color of the furniture pieces match with one another, also it needs to be in harmony with the theme of the room. For lighting, you should use subtle light sources that will not only highlight the furniture inside the room, but also create an atmosphere at the same time.


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