If you are looking for an interesting statement chair for your room you might like today’s blog post is by Lynne Reed.

Three Bizarre Chairs That Will Make Your Space Unique

Sometimes it’s fun to shake things up a bit when decorating your home.  The bizarre chairs in today’s post might not be what most people want to take home and place in the center of their living rooms; these chairs are still pretty fun to look at.  Obviously, the chair’s designers are extremely creative individuals with no bounds to their creativity.

If it weren’t for minds like these, we probably woudn’t have the more down-to-earth but stunning versions of these creations.  Chairs make life a little more comfortable.  What would we do without them? (We’d be standing a lot, that’s for sure!)  Life is much easier with chairs.  Here’s to humanity’s inventive spirit, despite the random oddities that this spirit might generate from time to time.  Enjoy!

  • The Shopping Cart Chair by Fernando Paullada


This yellow-green shopping cart chair was created by Paullada as a junior-year design project.  Paullada’s creative juices were bubbling over after he finished the design.  He had to finish the project and spent a week cutting, grinding and bending a shopping cart he purchased.  Paullada’s project was a demonstration of green design techniques.  By reusing a shopping cart to build a chair from sustainable materials he achieved his goal effectively.  His chair was a impulse design that resembled a piece created by Frank Schreiner entitled “Consumer Rest” in 1983.  Paullada insists he had no prior knowledge of this project when creating his masterpiece.

  • The Octopus Chair by Maximo Piera

alien_chair_-_Lynne_Reed_article-resized-600This chair looks as if it belongs in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  It is the first piece in Riera’s Animal Chair Collection.  Piera started the project almost three years ago and it took about 30 people to bring this piece of art to life.  The Octopus Chair is a limited edition work of art.  Of course, the only question left is what other types of home accessories would go well with the chair.

The chair is slightly spooky and could possibly frighten animals and small children.  This piece would work well in a house with a nautical or pirate based theme.

  • The Alien Chair


The Alien Chair is a must have for anyone obsessed with the Alien movies.  The chair is skillfully crafted from used car parts, recycled metal components, bike parts, and tools.  The chair is billed as crazy, horrifying, and surprisingly functional.  There are also tables and barstools to compliment the chairs.

This chair would make an excellent conversation piece for any home it resides in.  It would go well in a home with a large mural of space and lots of space related memorabilia and decor.

Each of these chairs is definitely unique.  Chances are, no one else will have anything like it anywhere.  If you are determined to go well beyond keeping up with the Jones’ and far into the odyssey of wandering off the beaten path, by all means, get one of these interesting oddities.  Better yet, if you get all three, you’ll always have something to talk about during late night parties and family gatherings.

Lynne Reed, who contributed this article knows all about chairs.  In fact, she is a self confessed chair enthusiast.  Her company sells Cheap Adirondack Chairs and Plastic Adirondack Chairs.