So many things go into making a kitchen great – Here are some of my favorites!

2_islands-resized-6001.  Double islands!  – By having two instead of one very large one this kitchen opens up for traffic flow.  Different functions have their own separate zones.

2011-09-11_0950-resized-6002.  Base cabinets with pegs make it easy to arrange the dishes exactly right for your own needs and keep things neat.


3.  How about a steam cooker with compartments for different foods – great idea.

built_in_trays-resized-6004.  Built in tray storage within easy reach


5.  Everyone needs a charging station these days – why not put it in or next to the kitchen?


6.  Speaking of stations – how about one for the coffee with all the cups and supplies stored right there.  There is even a drawer dishwasher.  A small sink with make it perfect!


7.  Dishwasher drawers have been around for awhile now and are very convenient for empty nesters or single people who don’t use too many dishes.  You can always have clean dishes in one and put the dirty dishes in the other.


8.  If you want double ovens but don’t want to give up the counter space for a stacked unit you can mount two under the counter like this.

garbage_disposal-resized-6009.  If you compost instead of using a garbage disposal you will want this arrangement.  It’s a perfect cutting board with scrap capture below!

hands_free_faucet-resized-60010.  A touch control faucet would definately come in handy when your hands are greasy or messy from food prep.

ice_maker-resized-60011.  A built in ice maker would be great for those who entertain a lot but don’t have a separate bar.  It’s a good idea to locate it outside of the main kitchen activity.

Kitchens_-_Haefele_elect_outlet-resized-60012.  This Haefele pop up electrical outlet helps preserve the view and also provides outlets when there is a long stretch of windows and no walls.

13.  Pull out pantries are real space savers and work well when there is not a large amount of wall space available.  In this kitchen they even added small shelves under the hood for easy access to often used items.

pantry_with_drink_fridge-resized-60014.  Of course a walk in pantry is even better, especially when there is room for a drink refrigerator and/or wine cooler too.

pot_filler-resized-60015.  Pot fillers are very popular but remember you have to carry that hot pot back to the sink when you are done cooking in order to empty it so keep the sink nearby!

pan_drawers-resized-60016.  Pan drawers located right under the cookpot are very handy.

recycle_bins-resized-60017.  Rollout garbage or recycle bins make the chore of emptying them and taking them outside much easier.

spice_drawer-resized-60018.  Wouldn’t you love a spice drawer right next to the cooktop?  How about another one in your baking prep area?

refrigerator_drawers-resized-60019.  Refrigerator drawers are a new trend.  You can use use them for different items located all around the kitchen instead of having everything stored in one large refrigerator.

stacked_roll_outs-resized-60020.  Roll out drawers are a must for all base cupboards.  No more getting on your hands and knees to see what is at the back of the cupboard!

towel_rod-resized-60021.  A telescoping towel rack is one of my favorite things and can go in a small space right next to the sink so you don’t even have to open a door to reach it but tucks neatly away when you are done.

untencil_storage-resized-60022.  Rail utencil racks are an awesome way to save on drawer storage and keep your cooking utencils within reach.  Of course you might want to buy a nice new set so they all look nice like these since they will always be on display.

warming_drawer-resized-60023.  A warming drawer makes life easier for busy families with different schedules.  You can keep food warm for several hours without overcooking and there are options for two layers of food so you can keep multiple items warming at once. It’s also great for keep bread warm while you are preparing the rest of the meal.  This model allows you to use a drawer front on it so it looks like the rest of your cabinets.

I hope that has give your some ideas for designing your kitchen.