There are traditional wreaths everywhere at Christmas but today I thought I’d share some unique and unusual ones with you – just for fun!

2012-10-17_1745-resized-6001. If your guests are greeted by this wreath at the front door they will know you are a spirited party planner and there will probably be some wine being served.  If you save your corks for a while you could make one ot these yourself.  source unknown

sustainblog.org_wreath-resized-6002. Don’t have enough corks for the previous wreath?  No problem, this simpler one is also very attractive and it can show off the labels to exhibit your excellent taste in wine. source unknown

clatl.com_-_gin_bottles-resized-6003.  Not a wine drinker?  Gather all those little sample bottles of liquor and make one of these.  This one has all the same type of bottles but it could also be made with a variety of liquor bottles or even mini hot sauce bottles.  (that’s a lot of hot sauce) Via

williams_sonoma-resized-6004. If you have a wonderful chef in the family this one is dedicated to them.  With this many colorful hot pads they will never get burned.  You could also add other cooking tools like, whisks, wooden spoons, spatulas, etc. and give it as a gift to your favorite chef!  Via

cestibon-kristen.blogspot-resized-6005. Speaking of cooking, this gorgeous wreath of lemons is so beautiful.  They could be real or plastic, either way would be stunning.  If they are fresh lemons they would also smell fabulous! source unknown

2012-10-17_1744-resized-6006.  Here is a different approach for your citrus wreath.  Slices of dried lemons or oranges cover this wreath form and are a welcome surprise.  source unknown

 dillydallas.blogspot-resized-6007. Cinnamon sticks strung in a wreath shape also smell nice and create an unusual wreath.  It might be especially appealing in the kitchen.  Via

muscle_shells-resized-6008.  While we are still thinking about cooking, how about mussel shells made into a wreath.  This would be so fabulous at the beach!  Via Here is another beach shell wreath with a little color added and mounted on some wispy grass.  This could certainly be used all year long for a beach home or as decoration in a beach themed bedroom or bathroom. Source: California home and design magazine

10. Now for the younger generation that is into Steampunk – here is the perfect wreath.  I love all the gears in different sizes and metallic finishes.  This one might be hard to reproduce on your own unless you have a lot of gears lying around.  source: California home and design magazine

dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot-resized-60011.  Have a glamour girl in the house?  This one will appeal to the girlie girls and is really fun with the pearls and rhinestones.  If you can find a nice stash of costume jewelery it would be fun to make one of these yourself.  You could also include some old watches or make one entirely of watches.  Use your imagination!  I’d love to have one of these hanging over the dressing table too.  Via


12.  If you knit or crochet, this yarn ball wreath lets the world know your passion.  Small balls of various left over yarn are all that’s needed.   Then add a bit of punch with some bright and shiny red Christmas ornaments. Via

origami_-_stephensorigami.blogspot-resized-60013.  If you are into origami, this one would be a fun project.  Lots of red and green boxes formed into a perfect wreath.  This would take some good folding skills but it certainly is unique.  Source unknown Is plain and simple your thing?  This abstract iron wreath is just the thing.  Get out the torch and start one of  your own or head over to Pottery Barn and get one for yourself.  Via


15.  Feather wreaths are always beautiful and this one incorporates peacock feathers for a pop of color.  Via

viva_terra_-_succulants-resized-60016.  Succulents make an beautiful living wreath and will grow and evolve with time if it is planted on a wire wreath form with some moss.    Via

Why not mix it up this year and be creative with your wreaths?  I hope this has sparked your imagination and give you some great ideas.