Don’t you love the smells of Christmas?  The smell of baking wonderful things makes my mouth water and one of those things is gingerbread.  Some people decorate their homes with gingerbread houses each year.  Some even make villages.  Here is some inspiration.

shabby_in_love_-_facebook-resized-6001.  I love this house without all the candy decorations but simply adorned with a wreath and snow (hopefully edible).  It’s a nice sophisticated change.

2012-12-07_2112-resized-6002. This gingerbread house is the exact opposite of the first one with chocolate roof tiles and colorful candy balls on the round base.  It has pretty scroll  work decorating the walls to add a fanciful feeling.

2012-11-29_1921-resized-6003. More candy and a his and her gingerbread man to greet you.  How about that addition of double doors too?

2012-12-09_1003_001-resized-6004. Here is gingerbread simplicity with just icing for decoration but oh so pretty

2012-12-10_1723-resized-6005.  Why not push the gingerbread house a little further with lighted windows. You could easily put a battery powered string of lights inside and use wax paper or parchment for windows.

2012-12-10_1728-resized-6006.  Wow – a  log cabin gingerbread house!  Love the mini shredded wheat roof and the iced pretzel walkway

2012-12-10_1730-resized-6007.  Now we are talking some architecture on the gingerbread house.  This takes longer but sure is impressive.  I’m not sure what the roof tiles are made of but they look very  realistic the way they lap over each other.

2012-12-10_1732-resized-6008.  Here is a pure fantasy gingerbread.  It looks like something out of candyland or a cartoon.  Isn’t the chocolate fudge, whipped cream and cherry on top cute?

2012-12-10_1731-resized-6009.  This peppermint delight gingerbread house uses ice cream cones for some of the trees and candy canes and peppermint candy for the rest. They’ve continued the theme with a striped vest on the gingerbread man and trim for the windows and roof.

2012-12-10_1726-resized-60010.  How great – another well done gingerbread house.  It even has a front porch and melting snow on  the roof.  There is a stone wall built of nuts with icing mortar and stepping stones of cookies.  Did you notice the strings of Christmas lights over the front porch?

2012-12-10_1732_001-resized-60011.  Here is another rustic gingerbread house but look at all the sophisticated detail.  The “river rock ” chimney is adorable and it has “stone” bases for the columns, dormer windows and logs for the steps.

2012-12-10_1729-resized-60012.  This gingerbread house looks like a Swiss coo coo clock.  Again there is a lot of attention to the details with the twining roses on the front pillars, animal topiaries and Swiss style decoration on the house and shutters.  I really like the way they made the roof snow look like it was melting off on patches too. Absolutely original and wonderful!

2012-12-10_1722-resized-60013.  If a little candy can be used to make a gingerbread house, why not a lot?  Almost all the gingerbread is covered with candies so you can’t even see it.  Red and green M&Ms are the stars and I love the chocolate candies for the roof and don’t miss the bell tower.

2012-12-10_1728_001-resized-60014.  This gorgeous two story gingerbread house is elaborately decorated with just icing.  It takes an artist with a steady hand to draw all that.   It looks like there are colored lights inside for a festive touch.

two story colonial gingerbread tree2012-12-10_1725_001-resized-60015.  This chocolate gingerbread house is another two story vision with all the windows and doors trimmed out and even nails on the roof.  What a fun broken chocolate walkway too.

falling_water_gingerbread-resized-60016.  Here is the most amazing gingerbread house I’ve ever seen.  It’s a replica of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water right down to the waterfall!  Making those cantilevers and all the windows and doors had to be difficult – no metal structure to hold it together.  This one definitely gets the prize!!

Better start baking – this week-end is a perfect opportunity.  There are kits available in the stores to make your own gingerbread houses but don’t get lazy and make them out of graham crackers – they just don’t make the grade!