There are a a lot of places to use stone in your home besides counters and floors.  Here I will share some beautiful ways to use stone in it’s more natural state throughout your home.

philkeandesigns-resized-6001.  This stunning stone adds texture and interest to the foyer of a beautiful home.  When doing this be sure it is lit to highlight the texture day and night. Via


2.  Here is another beautiful natural stone wall with plenty of texture.  It is lit by the sky well  above and at night by lighting tucked up inside it.

artisticdesignandconstruciton.com_-_river_rock_shower-resized-6003.  Have you ever stepped on a pebble river rock floor in the shower?  It’s wonderful – like getting a foot massage while you are taking your shower.  The smooth rocks are easy to install and be sure you seal the grout very well to make them easy to keep clean.  You may need a little steeper slope on the shower floor to allow for drainage.    Via 

brennanarch.com_-river_rock_insets-resized-6004. How clever to use pebble river rock inlaid mats in the floor.  The designer, Brennan Architects, added texture which adds contrast and unifies this large bathroom.    Via

backbaystone.com_-_broken_edge-resized-6005.  Don’t you love the introduction of a large slab of rough stone as the countertop!  It’s a wonderful way to bring the outdoors inside in a functional way.  Via

luxuryhousingtrends.com_-_carved_stone_tub-resized-6006.  Here is another way to use the actual stone without destroying it’s character.  These carved bathtubs are expensive but very unique and interesting.  Via

luxuryhousingtrends.com_by_bati_bali-resized-6007.  This beautifully sculpted contemporary pedestal sink isn’t in a completely natural state but evokes nature in a strikingly simple form.  Via

186group.com_-_onyx-resized-6008.  I’ve always loved onyx and this slab in the back of a shower is stunning.  It’s quite like a giant piece of modern art.  Onyx is at it’s best when back lit so by all means do that wherever possible.  Via


9.  When it comes to stone flooring you don’t have to use the typical marble, granite or travertine tiles.  Why not go for a random flagstone or slate floor.  They are quite charming and the stone can be carried to the outside porch or patio for an unbroken barrier between inside and outside.


10.  Here is a close up of a random floor installation.  Notice the wide grout joints which will need to be sealed to make maintenance easier.  It has a very nature inspired feeling that warms any space. You can use an installation like this for walls and fireplaces also.

nicolehelehnedesigns.com_-slate-resized-60011.  Slate bricks make a nice back splash because they are not very porous and the tight joints mean the surface is almost entirely slate although you get a pattern and texture with the cut tiles.  Again don’t forget to light them to bring out the texture.    Via   

onyx_with_light-resized-60012.   Here is a great example of lighted onyx.  It literally glows from inside.  It can be used on walls, for furniture, bars, etc.  It is softer than most other stones so I wouldn’t use it on a counter or floor but it is very special when used as an accent.

autumnridgestone,com_-_slab_steps-resized-60013.  Large broken slabs of stone are wonderful to use for step or stairs outside.  They fit in beautifully with the landscaping and provide solid footing without the use of man made products or structured stones.  Via


14.  I love the sound of a waterfall and this one made of large stone slabs cascades down the embankment among the large boulders and falls into  a pond below.  It looks like mother nature made it, which she did of course but the placement was helped along by man.

trulovestyle.com_-_stone_bench-resized-60015.  And finally a peaceful place to sit in the garden made of three large slabs of stone.  I really like that it there are no artificially made products in this garden – just you and nature for a a truly peaceful environment.  Via