Lately I have been searching for stools and benches for several clients and realized that many people have never even considered them when designing their bedrooms.


1.  If you have room, a bench at the end of the bed is very useful and also looks great.  These acrylic legs add glamour.


2.  Stools at the ends of single beds provide a place for putting on shoes and socks and take up less visual space than chairs.


3.  Sometimes a pair of stools works better at the end of a bed.

calm_master_bedroom-resized-6004.  These two beautiful shaped stools are the perfect compliment for this lovely bedroom.


5.  Here is a Classic long bench at the end of the bed.  It’s fit for a King or Queen if that is your style.

library_behind_bed-resized-6006.  Here is another long bench that is being used as a place to keep books they are currently reading.  This looks like a couple who reads a lot!

metal_canopy-resized-6007.  This wooden bench serves as a landing place but with a cushion added it could also serve as a bench to sit on and it fits perfectly between the drapes.

monogrammed_headboard-resized-6008.  How about an upholstered bench for an ultra feminine room?  The ruffles and tassels might not work for everyone but certainly would be right for some.

murphy_bed-resized-6009.  This contemporary stool provides a perfect landing spot without taking over the space.

polished_metal_bed_contemporary-resized-60010.  Not all stools frames are wood – this gorgeous metal one is perfect for a contemporary bedroom!

striped_tray_ceiling-resized-60011.  These oval upholstered ottomans are clever and unique.

stools_at_end_of_bed-resized-60012.  Cross leg benches are popular and these have metal legs so they are lightweight looking.

stools_at_end_of_bed_Nile_Johnson-resized-60013.  Here are another pair of metal cross leg stools.  They are in a room designed by Nile Johnson

wide_stripes-resized-60014.  Last but not least are these beautiful pillow topped upholstered benches in this Transitional bedroom.