Living room design is often downplayed because it is a room that is generally the most decorative and rarely used room in the house. Though not used often it is important as a room where we entertain guests.  When there is no Family Room or Great Room this room is well used as an Everything Room.

Zebras have gone wild here and they add lots of drama in a neutral room.  Why not let your wild side show in your living room decorating?

Desks can be fit into any room, including the living room.  This desk is placed conveniently so TV viewing is possible at the same time as paying the bills.  Notice there is a floor plug below the desk.

Two coffee tables are pushed together here to create one large one and extra seating is provided by the ottomans in front of the fireplace.


Two different tables are placed together here to create a bi-level coffee table and candlesticks of different heights are displayed on the chest.

This living room has two different small coffee tables again but this time they are separated.  A large framed mirror creates a backdrop for the sectional and because the walls are painted black the mirror reflects light and visually expands the space.

Tables placed behind the sofa are a great place for lamps and decorative items as shown in this picture.

Decorative wallpaper has been out of fashion for awhile but it is the perfect way to create the Old World ambiance of this room.  There are lots of other fun papers available today ranging from faux finishes to bold contemporary ones too.

This traditional room has a real transitional feeling because of the over-sized art & paneled walls.  Mixing in a contemporary rug makes it very inviting.



This room has a cottage or beach feeling that was created by using four slip covered chairs in a casual arrangement, the pale blue walls and a box beam slatted ceiling for texture. This room is relaxed and comfortable and doesn’t have the look of a “designed living room”. 


Here is a living room with four chairs arranged in a conversation grouping again but this time it is much more formal because of the style of the furniture and the fireplace.


If you are lucky enough to have a large living room like this, it still can feel intimate if you create several conversation areas. 



When designing your living room let it reflect your personality and have fun decorating!  Please leave comments and pictures of your rooms below.