read_books-resized-6001.  Although books are going electronic these day there are still people who love the feel of a book in their hand and have large collections of books.


2.  This traditional bookcase houses favorites and classics, all easily accessible.

bookcase_with_glass-resized-6003.  This library has a rolling ladder and rail to reach the high shelves and the books have been covered in neutral paper for a unifying look.  Hopefully they are not just for looks! the painted back of the bookcase makes the books pop and unites with the blue colors in the room.

hallway_books_2-resized-6004.  This upper landing hallway is the perfect place to build some bookshelves. You can grab a book and find a comfortable place to settle down to read.

diagonal_bookcase-resized-6005.  Here is a creative and decorative way to store your books on a diagonal.

6.  If your taste runs more creative this abstract bookcase is a piece of stunning art as well! I’m afraid you will have to imagine what it looks like with books in it.

rolling_ladder_&_displays-resized-6007.  I love the way this bookcase incorporates a lighted display to break it up.  The rolling ladder is always charming  as well as practical.

white-resized-6008.  A whole room off a hallway has been dedicated to reading in this picture.  What a comfortable place to retreat to.

reading_nook-resized-6009.  Settling down to read in this cozy nook with a fabulous view would be wonderful.   It might be hard to leave, though.

tall_&_glass-resized-60010.  Here is another serene place to read with a fabulous view.  What a restful place!

ladder_bookshelf-resized-60011. Here is a creative and unusal use for a ladder – now it’s a bookshelf!

children's-resized-60012.  Don’t forget the kids’ books.  Reading is a very important part of early childhood development so have a nice library for them and a comfortable chair and get them started on the adventures that can be found in books!

Have a wonderful day and take some time to read something interesting and absorbing.