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Do you already have the major furniture pieces for your room but have no clue how to select and display art and accessories?  Here are some home decorating tips.

The use of all white accessories unifies this display inside an armoire. Having a dark background sets off all the white items.  There is a common thread of Sea Shells which ties the whole theme together.

Displaying different items in a wall grouping can be quite attractive.  The addition of the dimensional “relax” sign adds adds a lot of interest to this arrangement.

These lighted art niches beautifully highlight the sculptural items diplayed in them and also add some architectural drama to the room.

Collections are always displayed best if grouped by themselves.  Here antique alarm clocks are the focus and invite you to look more closely at the collection than if they were separted and displayed in different areas.

Acessorizing your home can be very simple.  A sigle bowl of fruit or other organic items makes a perfect centerpiece and is ever changing.  Flowers, twigs and branches, seed pods, shells and rocks all make interesting displays.

Stacked boxes or books can anchor your whole accessory arrangement and be functional as well.  If there was only one box here the height would be too low to bring all the items into a cohesive arrangement. 

This pleasant classical arrangment utilizes organic and decorative items together to form a triangle. Accessorizing with plants is best if they are real because that adds life to any room.  I would have eliminated the small spiny shell so the arrangement would have only included 5 items – odd numbers are best.

This family picture gallery is unified by the black and white photos with white mats and black frames.  The sizes and styles of the frames are not all the same but work as a unit and allow for future additions.

Family photos or vacation pictures can also be displayed effectively on shelves.

This large shell is used to display crystals interspersed with succlents for a very effective living display.


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These walls are completely coverd with a collection and displayed in matching frames eveny spaced around the room so if you have extensive collections you can fully utilize them! 

Using accent lighting to highlight your display gives them much more impact and so does displaying them in an undexpected way like hanging one violin upside down!Have a wonderful time with your home decorating and accessorizing and call me if I can be of any help!