More people are working from home these days whether it is from a full time home office or telecommuting several days a week or month. The Interior Design of this room can make a big difference in productivity and comfort.


1.  This efficient wall of storage and bookshelves also has file drawers built in below.  The office is both functional and attractive – the goal of every Interior Design project!

lift_up_desk rogewr hirsch architec-resized-600

2.  This ingenuous desk was designed by Roger Hirsch, Architect.  The top lifts up when needed and stores all the little stuff inside when not needed!  It reminds me of the old roll top desks.


3.  If you only have room for a desk in a bedroom, this wall to wall desk takes full advantage of a small space but provides a lot of work and storage area.


4.  This is a clever way to create room for two people to work – 2 parson table desks back to back!  Hopefully there is a wall of storage behind the desk on the right.  Note the cute “trash can” below the desk.

closet_office ed ritger photography-resized-600

5.  This office photo by Ed Ritger Photography shows an office inside a small closet but the table and chair outside it creates needed work space.


6.  If the only place left for an office is the garage – do it right!  This office is so nicely finished with hardwood floors, built-ins and decorated with plants and accessories you wouldn’t feel at all like it is a garage!


7.  A built in kitchen desk may be all you need.  This one works fine for family organizational tasks and has hiddden storage as well as open cubbies.  A laptop works great in this space.


8.  Cabinets with a built in peninsula work nicely in this office.  The cabinet design is critical to achieve efficient use of space.


9.  This desk has a work surface that pulls out when needed and stores away flush when not needed.  It is ideal or a desk that doesn’t get used everyday and has to tuck into a small area.


10.  A traditonal secretary is both beautiful and functional whether it is open or closed.  Obviously a laptop is all you could use here but that might be plenty and the furniture could be placed in a bedroom or living room.


11.  An armoire is a perfect solution for hiding the clutter when not working in your home office.  You can just close the doors and it’s all hidden away but ready when need it again.  Quite a few furniture companies make these armoire offices and your could even retrofit that old TV armoire if you wanted to.

tracy murcodk allied asid desk with view-resized-600

12.  Lastly, Tracy Murdock, allied ASID designed this wrap around desk, vaulted ceilings and views overlooking the room below.  have you got a loft area that is not being fully utilized?

Let the inner Interior Designer in you out and carve out a nice work space for yourself!