Christmas is almost here and so many of you have been too busy with the shopping, cooking and partying to have figured out your Christmas table decorations!

 Here is some inspiration:




1.  Christmas doesn’t have to be poinsettias – how about Christmas roses?




2.  Here Oranges or tangerines set off the white candles and greenery for a spectacular Christmas tablescape!




3.  Here is another non-traditional approach to the Christmas table – gorgeous purple ornaments and candles among the greens.  It looks like the tablecloth is purple too – how fabulous is that?




4.  For a more formal table these beautiful gold Christmas trees and Christmas tree candles create an elegant table.  All the little votive candles add a glimmer that sets a warm inviting mood. It’s a nice touch to add small individual trees to each place setting too.




5.  Here is another collection – nutcrackers.  There are any number of items you can group together for an interesting Christmas table arrangement.  Santa Claus collections, or a collection of cheerfully wrapped boxes would work beautifully too.




6.  Reindeer of varying sizes can be grouped and included in a Christmas table top decoration.  All you have to do is add some Christmas greens.




7.  If you happen to have some fabulous gingerbread houses – that would be fun for the center of the table at Christmas too.  If you don’t have them this year – you could plan to make some next year – it’s always a fun project for the kids this time of year.




8.  Here is another Christmas table decoration idea that the kids will like – decorate your candles with candy canes and the children can eat them afterwords! I don’t think these glitter balls are edible though.




9.  If you have a small gathering for Christmas why not give your candle a home and put it in a lantern? It has more presence here and if the table is longer you could duplicate this every so often.




10.  Dress up your napkins for your holiday table by adding a few sticks, a sprig of greens and a bell or small tree ornament.




11.  Of course decorating the chairs with greens and bows sets the mood for a festive holiday dinner before you even sit down.




12.  If you are truly out of time, just fill a beautiful bowl with Christmas ornaments, a couple candles and a few Christmas trees and you are ready to go!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and enjoy your time with family and friends!