There are so many beautiful flowers in the garden now that they just make me happy.  If you have an abundance of flowers by all means bring some in the house to enjoy too but just looking out and seeing them or walking in the garden will bring sunshine to your day.

Here are some of my favorite flowers:


1.  If  you are lucky enough to live in in climate like I do you will see a lot of these fuschia bouganvillas blooming all through the summer and fall. They come in other colors but these are my very favorite. They make a wonderful shock of color on walls and by doorways.

orchid-resized-6002.  Orchids always look elegant and there are so many species and colors available.  If you buy them for inside the house and live in a mild climate you can plant them outside and they will bloom again next year!  I’m so lucky to live in California!

peacock_orchid-resized-6003.  Even these tiny peacock orchids are gorgeous.

tulips-resized-6004. Tulips, although short lived, are so graceful and elegant.


5.  Lilacs – purple, pink or white – love the smell!

English_rose-resized-6006.  English rose – so delicate and feminine!

nearly_black_rose-resized-6007.  Love all roses – especially the ones that smell good!

sweet_peas-resized-6008.  Sweet peas smell wonderful too and are easy to grow from seed.

daffodils-resized-6009.  Daffodils are the first sign of spring and always a delight!  something about that bright yellow just fills the house with sunshine in the spring.


10.  Poppies are so colorful and the orange California poppies (California State flower) dot the highways and grow wild.  Orange adds such a spark of life to other colors, especially green.

rhodendron-resized-60011.  The gorgeous huge blossoms of rhodendron are enchanting – especially in the Northwest.  There are varieties of all sizes and colors.  I love azaleas too.

wisteria-resized-60012.  Of course wisteria is magical too and gorgeous in either purple or white.  Lucky the people who have a trellis or covered patio to grow it on.