When designing a bathroom remember that a stunning tile or stone bathroom floor can pull the whole room together.  Here are some examples:

elegant_bath-resized-6001.  This dramatic floor is made of 3 colors of marble with the brown one being polished and the other two honed.  This creates not only color drama but textual drama as well and grounds the large room.


2.  Black and white floors are always a favorite and these are enhanced by the 4 inch black tile border.  Although the interior of the shower floor changes to a different shape it is subtle because there is not black contrast.


3.  The traditional black and white checkerboard floor is stately in this bathroom.  This design can be used in any room of the house and look right!


4.  Taking the pattern of the floor to a whole new level adds a lot of interest to this bathroom and the intricate pattern is large enough scale to nicely accent the room without being too much.


5.  The stark simplicity of this white bathroom is balanced with the chevron patterned marble floor.  I love that it continues into the shower.  If it had been a curbless shower it could have continued without interruption.


6. This is a slightly different version of a chevron pattern that is created by using slab strips  of a linear marble to create a softer but very interesting design.  I love the nailheads on the upholstered doors as you enter this bathroom too!


7.  It is possible to create a rug look with stone or tile by inlaying the designed portion into a plain field.  This one has an argyle pattern.


8. This is another example of a patterned marble floor in a plain white bathroom being used for some texture and subtle design.  Although these types of designs come ready cut and put together for easier installation they are on the costlier side.  I think it’s well worth it, don’t you?


9.  The designer here used pebble tiles in a meandering manner reminiscent of a stream to add interest to the bathroom.  Not only is the design creative but the texture of the pebbles on bare feel is exquisite.


10. The beautiful marble mosaic on the wall here is the star but the creative use of the green marble on the floor ties the space together.  It just takes a little and that makes a big difference!