Interior decorating can be quite simple.  Using branches to decorate your home is a great example of how stunning simple decorating can be.

branch_floating_candles-resized-6001.  This is such an elegant table setting it could be used any time of the year.  I think those are plastic ice cubes stuck in the branches.

branch_with_berries-resized-6002.  A simple branch with red berries is all that’s needed here to unify and show off the framed Autumn leaves.

branches-resized-6003.  A tall vase with long stems of branches can liven up a corner.  These appear to be spring branches but they would be stunning bare too.

branches_as_sculpture-resized-6004.   This office uses large birch branches as sculpture.  They could be there all year long or just brought in as fall weather comes around. In spring pots of blooming bulbs would make a happy room.   At Halloween and Thanksgiving pumpkins could be added on the floor and at Christmas lights could be strung for a festive feeling.

branches5-resized-6005.  Bare branches arranged in a vase add height and create a beautiful silhouette.  Don’t just throw away your yard clippings!

branches_for_sculpture-resized-6006.  The large tree branches used as a sculpture here have been bleached and cast pretty shadows as the sun shines through them.  Notice the drift wood coffee table base too.

driftwood_mirror-resized-6007.  Drift wood can be fashioned into a mirror frame like this for a very natural influence in your room.

branch_candles-resized-6008.  These clever twig candle holders are easy to make and could be tied with fall colored ribbons or raffia or dressed up with red ribbons for Christmas.

branches_&_leaves-resized-6009. Branches of beautiful Fall colored leaves make a bold staement and brighten any room.  In the spring substitute branches from flowering trees.


10.  And of course large branches of crab apples or other fruit creates a welcoming foyer and can be changed out with the seasons.