Ever wonder what makes some window treatments beautiful and others ho-hum?




1 & 2.   Drapery hardware can make a tremendous difference so it’s important to spend the time finding what is right for your personal space and installation. There are all kinds available today from wrought iron to crystal and everything in between and many finishes to choose from.




3.  Curved hardware can be used to accentuate arched windows like these inside mounted treatments or with outside mounted drapes.




4.  These rosettes are used to follow the lines of the window and draw your eye upward.




5.  The arched windows here are topped with outside mounted draperies and have a “hold back” up high to give shape to the draperies and enhance the windows.




6.  This elaborate treatment uses rosettes with tassels to tie up the gathered valance that covers the hardware of the underlying sheers and creates a soft and undulating top treatment.  The sheers are mounted on a bent rod that follows the curved wall.




7.  This iron rod returns to the wall instead of having finials.  You can use a rod like this when you do not have a lot of room in a corner and finials won’t work.




8.  A wooden rod is used here to showcase the swagged and wrapped drapery.  Wooden rods are bulky and add visual weight.




9.  These iron leaf finials add a bit of nature and create an inviting casualness to the room.




10.  Window treatments can be complex and difficult to design because of space limitations or other issues like privacy and heat/cold control but all of them can be attractive if properly selected.  There are even decorative rods with traversing rings like the one on the right so you can have the decorative look and still have the function.

Window treatments are the jewelery that completes the room so select if carefully!