A dining room is where we enjoy great food and great company so it should be an inviting and comfortable space where we can entertain often and beautifully.

contemprary-resized-6001.  This contemporary dining room is simple but elegant and would be a comfortable place for casual or formal dinners.

Asian_influence-resized-6002.  These Asian dining chairs dress up a contemporary table and give it some character.  Notice that it’s not too serious but very interesting.

ceiling_accent-resized-6003.  If you have a large formal dining room like this one try adding ceiling details to complete the look.  A little molding and a medallion can go a long way to set the mood.

craftsman style dining room, arts and crafts dining roomcraftsman-resized-6004.  Arts and Crafts styling is emphasized strongly here with the furniture but repeated throughout the room with the rug, ceiling fixture, fireplace and wall molding.  This style works well for less formal dining and celebrates true simple craftsmanship.

lazy_susan-resized-6005.  A round table with a view – how inviting is that!  I’ve always liked a lazy susan in the middle too so everyone can help themselves.

mural_walls-resized-6006.  If you don’t have a view …. create one with  hand painted scenery.  This one even goes up on the ceiling as clouds.  Again with a round table everyone is equal at the table and conversation is easier.


7.  Wouldn’t it be fun to dine in this library?  It has so much character!  When the room isn’t being used as a dining room the table is a handy surface for the library.

SUNROOM_DINING-resized-6008.  If you entertain more in the daytime, this sunroom would be a perfect spot.  The French doors, marble table, seagrass rug and mismatched chairs set the mood for garden style fun.

square_table-resized-6009.  We have designed some square table in dining rooms and they are quite nice.  There is plenty of room on each side for 2 people comfortably and convesation is easy.

wine-resized-60010.  Here is a romantic setting for dinner – right in the wine room.  The wine is in temperature controlled cabinets but the room itself is at a comfortable temperature.  I could do this – who wants to join me?