Even if you don’t have a big tree set up and decorated you can have fun with Christmas trees.  How about eating it? 

2012-11-281_2007-resized-6001.  These delectable brownies will delight both children and adults.  Via

slice_of_life_facebook-resized-6002.  Beautiful fresh vegetables as an appetizer look inviting and festive.  Via slice of Life on Facebook

2012-11-27_1405-resized-6003.  Here is another version of vegetable and dip Christmas tree appetizers.  source unknown

2012-12-081_1736-resized-6004.  Snow peas,red peppers and sesame seeds are all it takes to make this appetizer platter. Via Pinterest

2012-11-24_1351-resized-6005.  Want a three dimensional Christmas tree appetizer? – this one is easily assembled with picks into a styrofoam base.  source unknown

12-7-13_The_girlfriend_life._facebook-resized-6006.  This version of the Christmas tree appetizer has “snow” at the bottom and a garland of red and yellow pepper strips.  It looks like it also has lights made of cherry tomatoes and cocktail onions.  How clever!  Via the girlfriend life on Facebook

stylemotivation.com-12-2013-resized-6007.  Mini pin wheel wraps set on the plate in the shape of  a Christmas tree should do the trick for a more filling appetizer or even for a luncheon.  Via

eclecticrecipes.com-_Dec_22,_2012-resized-6008.  If you are making rolls for your party or dinner, why not make them in this tree shape, brush on some melted butter or garlic butter and sprinkle with chopped parsley for a more festive presentation.  Via

styleestate-resized-6009.  These apple trees look beautiful as table decorations but don’t let them go to waste – eat them afterward or make an apple pie with them!  Via

2012-11-27_14231-resized-60010.  Last but certainly not least, is a beautiful fruit tree.  There are commercial ones available but why not make your own – they are simple and you can be creative in the way you put them together.  Via

I hope this gives you some ideas for your entertaining events in the next few weeks leading up to Christmas!