WOW – here comes Easter!  Are you ready?  Here are some ideas to help………


1.  You can’t really go wrong with a white porcelain bunny and a twig nest.  I love how this has bulbs and rosemary on one side too.

Easter-resized-6002.  This simple pyramid of Easter eggs, grass and daffodils is a charming way to set the table for an Easter buffet brunch.

Easter_2-resized-6003.  If you are having a sit down meal this table setting is fresh and definitely says Easter!

Easter_3-resized-6004.  Easter breakfast served with individual flower pots and monogrammed eggs – how cute is that!

Easter_napkin_ring-resized-6005.  This napkin ring made with a miniature nest and eggs is perfect and is something your guest can take home afterward.

Easter_basket-resized-6006.  Speaking of miniature eggs – these tiny blue ones nestled into the greenery are perfect without being too “cutesy”.

2012-03-23_1500-resized-6007.  Here is another tablescape to consider.  There are several sizes of eggs – I’m not sure it they are real or fake but you get the idea of a two tiered stand covered with the eggs and a bunny in the grass.

jelly_beans_and_daffodisl-resized-6008.  Love this arrangement too – so colorful.  If the flowers are placed in individual water vials you would still be able to eat the jelly beans!

eggs-resized-6009.  Who could resist Easter Eggs decorated like this?  Let the kids have the multicolored one – I’ll take these!

hatched_eggs-resized-60010.  Last but not least – this is what those colored eggs look like when they hatch!!!  I wonder if they taste different.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter.