INTERIOR DESIGN | Designing with Irish Green


Want to use green in your home decorating? Green has long been associated with Ireland and if you have ever visited there you would understand why.  The lush green hills are beautiful and enchanting! via


1.  The easiest way to use a strong green in your decorating scheme is to use it on the walls as paint.  It’s bold and dramatic but easily changed if your tire of it. Via


2.  If this is your absolute favorite color, go for it in more permanent ways like carpeting.  It works beautifully with a black and white color scheme.  Via


3.  Or you could perk up a quiet white kitchen by painting some of the cabinets bright green.  Did you notice in these first few pictures that by pairing the green with a lot of white it has a very fresh and clean look? photo source unknown

green_kitchen-resized-6004.  On the other hand, if you just can’t get enough of this color, go for it in the entire kitchen with high gloss cabinets.  They are contemporary and sexy but be sure you are comfortable with this strong of a statement as these cabinets are a costly part of the kitchen and not easily changed.  via

green_4-resized-6005.  If you need to tone the green down a bit, use it in fabric for the upholstery and window coverings.  The use of a lot of neutral beiges or straw colors softens the intensity of the green so it’s not so dramatic and more romantic.  Photo source unknown


6.  A large scale trellis pattern in bold green and white evokes a garden feeling that’s airy and inviting.  It is more airy than a solid green fabric would have been and compliments the outdoor space or sunroom’s natural greenery and flowers.  Photo source unknown

Go for the Green!