BATHROOM DESIGN | Do You Want to Remodel Your Bathroom?

Bathrooms can be very depressing places if they do not get updated periodically.  They are an essential part of our homes and we use them multiple times a day so it’s important to have them function well and look great too.

plans-resized-6001.  The first thing you will need to do is design the new bathroom.  If you are making structural changes or moving the location of plumbing fixtures you will probably need to hire a professional to have proper plans drawn that can be submitted to the city for a permit and to the contractor for a bid.

tile_selection-resized-6002.  Next you will need to make selections of the tile, cabinets, hardware, lighting and plumbing fixtures.  Your designer can save you time by taking you to the showrooms that will have what you are looking for and help you make final choices as well.  I suggest you focus on one item each day like plumbing first, then cabinets, then tile, etc.

reading_plans_2-resized-6003.  Next you will meet with a contractor or two and get pricing.  They will need the plans, a list of the finish items you have preselected and do a site inspection. If you or your designer are providing the finish items let the contractor know so he doesn’t duplicate them in his bid.  It’s important that the designer and contractor communicate about any concerns or special details so they are addressed as early as possible.  You are all working as a team so every team member should always be aware of what is happening on the job.


4.  Once you have selected your contractor and have your building permit the next step is the demolition of the old bathroom.  Personally, I love this part as it means we are on the way to the wonderful new bathroom we’ve planned.

CRYTALSSANDYISLANDS-resized-6005.  The new construction may move slower than you expect but will be greatly speeded up if you have all the finish elements on site and ready to go.  It’s not like what you see on TV home improvement shows and doing it all in a few days is not a good idea anyway if you want a quality job.  Be sure you are up to date on what is going on all the time – this is not a good time to be unavailable.


6.  Once you start putting things back into the bathroom it starts to be much more exiting as you see it come together.  via architecturaltile

broken edge slab-resized-6007.  When it’s finally done you can enjoy it for many years to come and it will have been worth it – trust me! via

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BATHROOM DESIGN – 9 Blissful Bathrooms

Our bathrooms have become increasingly important to us in this generation.  They are not only a place for grooming but also a place for blissful relaxation and a retreat from the every hectic World around us.

So if we were to let our fantasies take over, what would they look like?

indoor_outdoor_tub-resized-6001.  Mine would be something like this with an indoor outdoor pool and inset tub with a view.  I think I’d spend a lot of time in that tub and not get a lot else done!  Just bring me a book and a glass of wine and I’d be set for hours.  This bathroom is fully accessible too except for getting into the tub so I imagine there is an equally fabulous curbless shower.

broken edge slab-resized-6002.  Both the tub and shower be stunning like in this bathroom I designed for a client.  It features two different types of marble slabs (note lighted broken edge on tub wall)


3.  If a Japanese soaking tub is your desire, this one is made for two and come in stainless steel or copper via  They have lots of shapes available.  Love the wall spout don’t you?

cream_colored_master_bath-resized-6004.  Here is huge bathroom with a center tub as the focal point.  The indirect lighting in here is magical and the round shower with columns and lit glass blocks is spectacular.

fireplace_&_tv_in_bathroom_-_shelterness-resized-6005.  Of course a TV and a fireplace in this fantasy bathroom are absolute musts.


6.  Wouldn’t your fantasy bathroom include exercise equipment with a view?  How convenient is that.

round_tub-resized-6007.  Oh wow – this one has it all ….a view of the water, an adjoining patio and a beautiful round tub!

slate_shower-resized-6008.  ……  and this bathroom would suit me just fine, thank you, with slate walls and floor, tropical plants under a skylight and a rain showerhead as well as a hand held one.  Did you notice it even has lighted recessed shelves in the shower- very nice!  I’m sure the floors are heated too, right?

stone_wall_with_candles-resized-6009.  Here is the ultimate exotic bathroom with a ceiling filler and a back wall of El Dorado Stonewith inset candle niches.

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BATHROOM DESIGN – Detailing with Bathroom Accessories

My guest blogger this week is Belinda from the friendly team at Hydrotherm.


Bathroom Accessories that Fit with the  Design of Your Bathroom

by Belinda J. Darling

How do you discover the questions to ask yourself when planning a bathroom design? When designing the floor plan consider the function of the space.  Is everything with in reach of where you use it?  Is the design practical and meet the needs of the whole family or whomever will be using it?  Is there enough storage space for your personal items?  Have you included any other interior design features you want? Have you allowed adequate space for passage and specialty needs?

A customized bathroom is all about the finer details and the comforts we afford ourselves in the one room we have all to ourselves each day.  It is where we can bathe, relax and be free of the stesses placed on us by the day ahead and where we wash them off at the end of the day.  Adding creature comforts like towel rack warmers can make all the difference on those cold days when you step out of the shower.  Nothing is more wonderful than a warm dry towel after a relaxing shower or bath.


A sleek and minimally designed accessory usually suits all bathrooms.  An excellently designed bathroom accessory should never draw too much attention from other bathroom features, but stand on it’s own for it’s functionality and design.


Heated towel racks can add that extra “wow” factor as a luxurious addition to your home.  They come in a variety of striking styles and sizes.  There are floor-to-ceiling racks and large and small ladder styles to fit any space.  The racks are easily installed so you can take them with you if you move.




Finding the right accessories for the design of your bathroom and wet areas takes some consideration and planning.  DIY home renovators to industry professionals will all tell you that the process can become confusing and time consuming because of the extensive range of products in the marketplace.

Hydrotherm products are available throughout Australia and the World.  Contact them for more information.  They’d love to hear from you.

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BATHROOM DESIGN – 6 Interior Design Remodeling Issues

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom there are some Interior Design issues to be aware of. Most people are focused on the way the room will look without giving much thought to the practical aspects of designing a bathroom.

undermount_tub_with_grab_bars-resized-6001. Space Planning – It is essential to get the layout correct so that the room functions properly as well as looks fabulous.  Be sure there is adequate room for each items so that it meets your needs and is comfortable to use. There are specific measurements required by the building codes. In a previous blogs I have addressed proper spacing and height issues.  Also don’t forget to think about other possible layouts besides the one in your old bathroom.

river_rock_shower_floor-resized-6002. Safety – Equally important is the issue of safety.  Be sure you have anti-scald valves or temperature controlled valves and that the surfaces you choose are not slippery to avoid falling concerns.  Using smaller tiles or pebbles like these in wet areas will give you more grout and therefor a more slip resistant surface.

ada_shower_with_3_size_tiles-resized-6003. Accessibility – remodeling for the long term should be the goal since this is a rather expensive undertaking and you never know when you or your loved ones may need accessible features. You should put backing inside the shower area and around the toilet. You do not have to install grab bars right now but you can easily do it in the future if you prepare now. Room for a wheel chair to rollup to the sink is important too.  You also need to allow room for access (possibly via wheelchair) and if you have room for a seat in the shower it is much easier for everyone to use anytime.  Check the codes to be sure you prepare for proper placement and installations of all these things.


4. Codes – There are very specific codes about grab bar placement, ventilation and lighting in bathrooms as well as space requirements.  Don’t just guess.

mirrored_vanity-resized-6005. Maintenance – While this mirrored vanity is beautiful, what a cleaning nightmare it would be with all those joints for dirt and water to get into not to mention fingerprints!  It’s always a good idea to think about the maintenance required for the finishes you select. There is special glass available for showers that is much easier to keep clean and some fixtures have special finishes that resist water spots.   You need to do your homework and/or hire a professional designer so you get the best possible results.

Candice_Olson-resized-6006. Aesthetics – Last but not least is the the way your new room will look when it’s finished.  This bathroom designed by Candice Olson is beautiful but also provides needed storage and  addresses the functional aspects of the room.

Bathrooms are one of the most important and complex rooms in the house and should not be remodeled without a lot of research and decision making.

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BATH DESIGN – Organizing the Bathroom – Part 2

In this second part of my blog on Organizing a Bathroom there are some very good ideas to keep the clutter under control and get the most out of the space you have to work with in your bathroom.

rollouts-resized-6001.  Installing roll out shelves in your bathroom linen cabinet greatly enhances the function of the space.  It’s so much easier to see what you have and get at it.

toothbrush_storage-resized-6002.  Here is a simple way to keep you toothbrushes handy but out of sight.  Make notches inside the medicine cabinet and they will store nicely.

pull_out_steps-resized-6003.  Pull out step stools make it much easier for the kids to reach the counter and there are no more loose and unsightly step stools to trip over.  When the kids are tall enough you can turn the drawers over and use as drawers (notice the notches for handles).

makeup_storage-resized-6004.  You can keep the makeup neatly organized by getting some acrylic drawer dividers and customizing the drawer to your individual needs.

 jewelery_drawers-resized-6005.  Jewelery can be stored in specialize jewelery drawers.  Insert can be purchased from jewelery store suppliers, storage retailers or custom made with acrylic or Lucite dividers.

double_towel_racks-resized-6006.  Double up the towel bars for extra towel storage.  Be sure you leave enough room between them for a full sized bath towel.

ledge_behind_toilet-resized-6007.  If there is room you can add a small wall behind the toilet that serves as a ledge for storage or more counter space in a tight bathroom.  If the wall is built out like this it makes room for a cabinet or shelves above it for additional storage.

if_all_else_fails!-resized-6008.  Here is a clever way to store that extra toilet paper when you have no more room anywhere!  Let’s just hope you remember to retrieve it before you need it.

I hope these design ideas help you make your bathroom more efficient.

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BATH DESIGN – Organizing the Bathroom – Part 1

When I design a bathroom I keep in mind that it needs to be organized so I wanted to show you some great ideas about how to clear out the clutter.

This will be a two part blog so come back next week for some more ideas on keeping the bathroom organized!

3_shower_niches-resized-6001.  Shower niches can be both functional and beautiful but be sure to put your essentials into pretty bottles and not in those bright orange, pink and green bottles they come in from the store!

apron_front_sinks-resized-6002.  If you don’t have room for a nice sized drawer, why not build these towel cubbies – both attractive and practical.

towel_storage_basket-resized-6003.  Fresh towels can be stored in a large basket too and be attractive at the same time.

back_ledge_by_michael_abrams_limited-resized-6004.  If there is not enough room on your counter you can add a ledge behind the vanity like this picture shows.  This is especially useful if you have a vessel sink.

banjo_toilettlid-resized-6005.  Of course this banjo countertop adds surface and the open shelves add a  much needed place for towels.

banjo_toilettlid-resized-6006. This banjo countertop adds additional counter space and the open shelves are a perfect place for dry towels

bath_cart-resized-6007.  How about a bathroom caddie that you can roll out of the way when you are done?  If you can hide in in a closet even better.

curling_iron_storage-resized-6008.  Here is a great solution for storing your curling irons – handy but out of sight.

hairdryer_pull_out-resized-6009.  This pull out drawer has a place for the hairdryer and curling iron to be stored and if it were on the top instead of the bottom they could be plugged in inside the cabinet and ready to go.

clasic_black_marble-resized-60010.  If you don’t have room for a towel rack use a sink with built in railing like this one.

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