Bathrooms can be very depressing places if they do not get updated periodically.  They are an essential part of our homes and we use them multiple times a day so it’s important to have them function well and look great too.

plans-resized-6001.  The first thing you will need to do is design the new bathroom.  If you are making structural changes or moving the location of plumbing fixtures you will probably need to hire a professional to have proper plans drawn that can be submitted to the city for a permit and to the contractor for a bid.

tile_selection-resized-6002.  Next you will need to make selections of the tile, cabinets, hardware, lighting and plumbing fixtures.  Your designer can save you time by taking you to the showrooms that will have what you are looking for and help you make final choices as well.  I suggest you focus on one item each day like plumbing first, then cabinets, then tile, etc.

reading_plans_2-resized-6003.  Next you will meet with a contractor or two and get pricing.  They will need the plans, a list of the finish items you have preselected and do a site inspection. If you or your designer are providing the finish items let the contractor know so he doesn’t duplicate them in his bid.  It’s important that the designer and contractor communicate about any concerns or special details so they are addressed as early as possible.  You are all working as a team so every team member should always be aware of what is happening on the job.


4.  Once you have selected your contractor and have your building permit the next step is the demolition of the old bathroom.  Personally, I love this part as it means we are on the way to the wonderful new bathroom we’ve planned.

CRYTALSSANDYISLANDS-resized-6005.  The new construction may move slower than you expect but will be greatly speeded up if you have all the finish elements on site and ready to go.  It’s not like what you see on TV home improvement shows and doing it all in a few days is not a good idea anyway if you want a quality job.  Be sure you are up to date on what is going on all the time – this is not a good time to be unavailable.


6.  Once you start putting things back into the bathroom it starts to be much more exiting as you see it come together.  via architecturaltile

broken edge slab-resized-6007.  When it’s finally done you can enjoy it for many years to come and it will have been worth it – trust me! via