Our bathrooms have become increasingly important to us in this generation.  They are not only a place for grooming but also a place for blissful relaxation and a retreat from the every hectic World around us.

So if we were to let our fantasies take over, what would they look like?

indoor_outdoor_tub-resized-6001.  Mine would be something like this with an indoor outdoor pool and inset tub with a view.  I think I’d spend a lot of time in that tub and not get a lot else done!  Just bring me a book and a glass of wine and I’d be set for hours.  This bathroom is fully accessible too except for getting into the tub so I imagine there is an equally fabulous curbless shower.

broken edge slab-resized-6002.  Both the tub and shower be stunning like in this bathroom I designed for a client.  It features two different types of marble slabs (note lighted broken edge on tub wall)


3.  If a Japanese soaking tub is your desire, this one is made for two and come in stainless steel or copper via diamondspas.com  They have lots of shapes available.  Love the wall spout don’t you?

cream_colored_master_bath-resized-6004.  Here is huge bathroom with a center tub as the focal point.  The indirect lighting in here is magical and the round shower with columns and lit glass blocks is spectacular.

fireplace_&_tv_in_bathroom_-_shelterness-resized-6005.  Of course a TV and a fireplace in this fantasy bathroom are absolute musts.


6.  Wouldn’t your fantasy bathroom include exercise equipment with a view?  How convenient is that.

round_tub-resized-6007.  Oh wow – this one has it all ….a view of the water, an adjoining patio and a beautiful round tub!

slate_shower-resized-6008.  ……  and this bathroom would suit me just fine, thank you, with slate walls and floor, tropical plants under a skylight and a rain showerhead as well as a hand held one.  Did you notice it even has lighted recessed shelves in the shower- very nice!  I’m sure the floors are heated too, right?

stone_wall_with_candles-resized-6009.  Here is the ultimate exotic bathroom with a ceiling filler and a back wall of El Dorado Stonewith inset candle niches.