If you are planning to remodel your bathroom there are some Interior Design issues to be aware of. Most people are focused on the way the room will look without giving much thought to the practical aspects of designing a bathroom.

undermount_tub_with_grab_bars-resized-6001. Space Planning – It is essential to get the layout correct so that the room functions properly as well as looks fabulous.  Be sure there is adequate room for each items so that it meets your needs and is comfortable to use. There are specific measurements required by the building codes. In a previous blogs I have addressed proper spacing and height issues.  Also don’t forget to think about other possible layouts besides the one in your old bathroom.

river_rock_shower_floor-resized-6002. Safety – Equally important is the issue of safety.  Be sure you have anti-scald valves or temperature controlled valves and that the surfaces you choose are not slippery to avoid falling concerns.  Using smaller tiles or pebbles like these in wet areas will give you more grout and therefor a more slip resistant surface.

ada_shower_with_3_size_tiles-resized-6003. Accessibility – remodeling for the long term should be the goal since this is a rather expensive undertaking and you never know when you or your loved ones may need accessible features. You should put backing inside the shower area and around the toilet. You do not have to install grab bars right now but you can easily do it in the future if you prepare now. Room for a wheel chair to rollup to the sink is important too.  You also need to allow room for access (possibly via wheelchair) and if you have room for a seat in the shower it is much easier for everyone to use anytime.  Check the codes to be sure you prepare for proper placement and installations of all these things.


4. Codes – There are very specific codes about grab bar placement, ventilation and lighting in bathrooms as well as space requirements.  Don’t just guess.

mirrored_vanity-resized-6005. Maintenance – While this mirrored vanity is beautiful, what a cleaning nightmare it would be with all those joints for dirt and water to get into not to mention fingerprints!  It’s always a good idea to think about the maintenance required for the finishes you select. There is special glass available for showers that is much easier to keep clean and some fixtures have special finishes that resist water spots.   You need to do your homework and/or hire a professional designer so you get the best possible results.

Candice_Olson-resized-6006. Aesthetics – Last but not least is the the way your new room will look when it’s finished.  This bathroom designed by Candice Olson is beautiful but also provides needed storage and  addresses the functional aspects of the room.

Bathrooms are one of the most important and complex rooms in the house and should not be remodeled without a lot of research and decision making.