In this second part of my blog on Organizing a Bathroom there are some very good ideas to keep the clutter under control and get the most out of the space you have to work with in your bathroom.

rollouts-resized-6001.  Installing roll out shelves in your bathroom linen cabinet greatly enhances the function of the space.  It’s so much easier to see what you have and get at it.

toothbrush_storage-resized-6002.  Here is a simple way to keep you toothbrushes handy but out of sight.  Make notches inside the medicine cabinet and they will store nicely.

pull_out_steps-resized-6003.  Pull out step stools make it much easier for the kids to reach the counter and there are no more loose and unsightly step stools to trip over.  When the kids are tall enough you can turn the drawers over and use as drawers (notice the notches for handles).

makeup_storage-resized-6004.  You can keep the makeup neatly organized by getting some acrylic drawer dividers and customizing the drawer to your individual needs.

 jewelery_drawers-resized-6005.  Jewelery can be stored in specialize jewelery drawers.  Insert can be purchased from jewelery store suppliers, storage retailers or custom made with acrylic or Lucite dividers.

double_towel_racks-resized-6006.  Double up the towel bars for extra towel storage.  Be sure you leave enough room between them for a full sized bath towel.

ledge_behind_toilet-resized-6007.  If there is room you can add a small wall behind the toilet that serves as a ledge for storage or more counter space in a tight bathroom.  If the wall is built out like this it makes room for a cabinet or shelves above it for additional storage.

if_all_else_fails!-resized-6008.  Here is a clever way to store that extra toilet paper when you have no more room anywhere!  Let’s just hope you remember to retrieve it before you need it.

I hope these design ideas help you make your bathroom more efficient.