About Us

Lila Levinson is an award winning and energetic interior designer who is widely respected in the Silicon Valley. Her company, Accent on Design, is consistently ranked as one of the Top 25 Interior Design Firms by the Silicon Valley Business News.

She is a CKD (Certified Kitchen Designer)  and a CID (Certified Interior Designer), but the walls of her studio tell the real story. They are filled with awards, including Designer of the Year 1990, and accolades of every shade from best furniture design to best kitchen and bath. Lila is an excellent space planner and color coordinator, bringing these skills along with her artistic eye to every project.

“My experience, product knowledge and abundance of ever changing resources and creative solutions along with construction knowledge and attention to detail make the design process fun and much easier for my clients. My staff and I help them through the infinite decision process, whether it is residential, commercial, construction related or furnishings and decorating. We start with the architecture and look at everything – natural and artificial lighting, privacy, ventilation, scale and proportion, traffic flow and maintenance, as well as color and texture.”

“In the end,” Levinson says, “the results must be timeless, comfortable and approachable – a place which satisfies clients’ needs and makes their dreams come true.”

Design Philosophy

We believe Interior Design should be accessible to all. We are passionate about working in collaboration with our clients from conception to completion to achieve results that exceed their expectations.We always keep the clients’ perspective and best interests in mind and because each project is unique we design it to satisfy their needs, tastes and desires. We go to a much greater depth of detail than most people anticipate is needed, but when the project is done they realize how much difference it makes.We suggest developing a master plan. It provides a cohesive and well thought out plan for the entire project, even if done in stages over a period of time. A master plan will develop your style, color preferences and budget. It is also useful in prioritizing the work to be done and items to be purchased. A space plan is an essential element of the master plan.No one is an expert at everything and this is what we do best. Accent on Design wants to be your partner in creating spaces that truly reflect you.”Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”- Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel

Why Choose Us

• Our highest goal is to make the design process painless for you and the final result exactly what you want!

• We take your “vague” and conflicting idea and concepts and translate them into spaces that reflect your taste and unique personality.

• We manage each project to minimize disruption and resolve any misunderstandings that might arise quickly and efficiently.

• We respect your time, keep our appointments and show up on time

• We include you in the design process and are responsive to your input, timetable and budget.

• We work with a lot of skilled craftspeople to see that you get quality installations and custom work, as needed.

• We are knowledgeable about the quality and reliability of manufactures and understand space planning and scale to see that you only get products that are appropriate for your spaces.

• We are ethical, reliable and honest with over 35 years experience.


  • National Council for Interior Design Qualification #009794
  • Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) at National Kitchen and Bath Association # 1041753
  • California Council for Interior Design Certification (CCIDC) #1516